How many wives has Bob Harris?

How many wives has Bob Harris?

Harris has had three wives and eight children. He remains good friends with his first wife, Sue.

Is Bob Harris still on radio?

BBC broadcaster Bob Harris is back on commercial radio next year with a new series of shows on Boom Radio. His popular programmes include The Old Grey Whistle Test and Bob Harris Country, the latter of which he will continue to host on BBC Radio 2.

What time is Bob Harris on?

tonight at 21.00 fir the first show of the year!

Who is Bob Harris married to?

Trudie Myerscough-HarrisBob Harris / Spouse

How old is DJ Bob Harris?

The 74-year-old returned to host Sounds of the 70s and The Rock Show in March.

How did old GREY Whistle Test get its name?

According to Bob, the programme derived its name from a Tin Pan Alley phrase from years before, when they got the first pressing of a record they would play it to people they called the “old greys” – doormen in grey suits.

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Where is Johnnie Walker DJ 2?

He returned to Radio 2 on 16 March. Since March 2020, Walker has broadcast from his home in Shaftesbury, Dorset, with contributions from his wife Tiggy.

Who’s on BBC Radio 2 country 2017?

BBC Radio 2 Country 2017 returns from 9th to 12 March offering a range of programmes and guest presenters from the world of Country music plus live coverage of the Country 2 Country event at the 02. Bob Harris, Jo Whiley, Baylen Leonard, Paul Sexton and Bobbi Pryor will all be introducing acts across the weekend.

What is PLUSPLUS Radio 2 country?

Plus Radio 2 Country joins up with the UK’s digital country station Chris Country for an hour of Chris Country highlights – including live session tracks and artist interviews. Chris Country is The UK’s Country Station, playing a mix of American and British country artists, 24 hours a day.

What is country music’s biggest hit?

Country music’s biggest hit? Dustin Lynch spent over a year on the chart with “Smalltown Boy” and plays it live and exclusive! Harold Bradley played on thousands of hits in his 70 year career – Bob pays tribute.

Who are the country music’s top selling artists of all time?

This year’s acts include one of country music’s biggest selling artists of all time Reba McEntire; multi million selling artist Brad Paisley; genre defying country rock group the Zac Brown Band; CMA New artist 2016 Maren Morris; traditional country royalty Marty Stuart.