How much do professional Quidditch players make?

How much do professional Quidditch players make?

According to Statista, average salary depends on team, but can range from 0.9 to 8.7 million dollars a year.

Is Quidditch a real college sport?

Quidditch is a sport inspired by the “Harry Potter” book series and was developed into a real-life sport in 2005 at Middlebury College in Vermont.

Is Quidditch a d1 sport?

Quidditch is a sport which combines elements of lacrosse, dodgeball, and rugby, and is derived from the fictional sport of the same name from the Harry Potter series….US Quidditch.

Abbreviation USQ

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What college has the best quidditch team?

Here are the top college teams from the 2019-2020 season:

  1. Maryland Quidditch. The University of Maryland’s team is currently ranked #1.
  2. NYU Quidditch. The New York University team is currently ranked #2.
  3. Michigan Quidditch. The University of Michigan team is currently ranked #3.
  4. Harvard Horntails.
  5. Texas Quidditch.

Is there an American quidditch team?

The United States national quidditch team is the official quidditch team of the United States. The USNT only competes in events once every two years; at the IQA World Cup, as it is geographically ineligible for the only other current international Quidditch event; the IQA European Games.

Is Quidditch a mixed gender sport?

It’s a mixed gender, contact sport played by over 450 teams around the world. We’re empowering future leaders and advancing gender inclusivity in sports. Find a team near you or learn how to start your own. US Quidditch and MLQ have begun the process to pick a new name for quidditch.

What is USQ Quidditch?

US Quidditch (USQ) is a magical 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to governing the sport of quidditch and advancing the sport by organizing events and programs that build community and empower all genders to compete together.

Who won the 2021 Midwest Regional Championship in Quidditch?

Creighton Quidditch won the collegiate division at the 2021 Midwest Regional Championship October 30, 2021.