How much does a Ceragem bed cost?

How much does a Ceragem bed cost?

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This item CERAGEM Master V3-E MB-1101 New Personal Thermal Therapeutic Bed
Customer Rating 5.0 out of 5 stars (1)
Price $9,999.00
Sold By nuga best
Brand Name CERAGEM

What is a Ceragem bed?

Ceragem is a treatment method that combines infrared heat and massage techniques during the treatment of various conditions. The Ceragem automatic thermal massage bed scans your spine’s length to help a chiropractor conduct customized massage therapy.

Is ceragem good for health?

Using Ceragem two to four times a week can help with neck and back pain, by gently stretching and widening the disc space little by little. Many also experience improvements with the following health issues: Arthritis. Back & joint pain.

How do you use Ceragem bed?

How to use Ceragem

  1. Position your body. Make sure that the head ends match the ends of the bed.
  2. Select the intensity level. ( 1 for the first time or sick)
  3. Select a mode. ( Recommended mode 4, please refer to the front)
  4. Check the temperature. ( Recommended temperature of the upper and lower heaters 130)
  5. Select music. (

What is the cost of Ceragem Master V3?

Ceragem Master V3 Massager Bed Electricity Consumption: 220-350 Watt (W), Price 110000 INR/Unit | ID: c4936123.

Is Ceragem FDA approved?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the marketing of Ceragem’s beds, based on its claimed impact on muscle relaxation, temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and a temporary increase in local circulation.

What is the cost of Ceragem machine?

Who should not use Ceragem?

CERAGEM-E projectors shall not be used in areas where there is reduced sensitivity or in areas with poor blood circulation. Do not use CERAGEM-E immediately after taking a bath or a shower.