How much does Appen pay for Web search evaluator?

How much does Appen pay for Web search evaluator?

The typical Appen Web Search Evaluator salary is $14 per hour. Web Search Evaluator salaries at Appen can range from $6 – $18 per hour.

Is Appen a search engine evaluator?

What is an Appen Search Engine Evaluator. A search engine evaluator rates and improves search engine results for the top internet search engine companies.

Does Appen actually pay?

Pay rate depends on the project. Most projects are paid per tasks ranging from $5 to $1000. You can work as many projects as you want!

Is working for Appen legit?

It is a legitimate work-from-home opportunity. The flexibility and ease of many of the projects make this a very appealing work-from-home job for stay-at-home moms especially. So if you are interested in making some extra money online, go over and apply at Appen today.

How do I become a Google search engine evaluator?

You can become a search engine evaluator in three simple ways:

  1. Apply to one of the companies hiring Google raters (Google doesn’t hire for the position directly)
  2. Pass the qualification test.
  3. Complete paperwork and begin working.

How do I find a Web search evaluator?

How to find a web search evaluator job from Google and others

  1. Be an active user of Google search and other search engines.
  2. Get familiar with your language and culture.
  3. Ensure you have a working computer and internet.
  4. Apply.
  5. Study and pass exams.
  6. Start working!

How do you become a search engine evaluator?

Qualifications for Search Engine Evaluator

  1. Must pass a qualification exam.
  2. 1-2 years of search engine experience preferred, but not required.
  3. In-depth familiarity with search engines and web search.
  4. Excellent research and analytic skills.
  5. Proficiency in computer operating software and the internet.

How do I withdraw money from Appen?

In order to withdraw your money from Appen, at the end of every month you must submit invoices accounting for all the hours you worked on projects during the month.

How do I become a web search evaluator?

How do I find a web search evaluator?