How much fabric do I need for a quarter circle skirt?

How much fabric do I need for a quarter circle skirt?

The tool them calculates the two radius measurements (waistline and hemline) and works out how much fabric you need. For the quarter circle it calculates it as a single piece with only one centre back seam….A 1/4 circle skirt made easy.

For a 1/4 Circle Skirt Waist Measurement (in) Cut your Waist radius (in)
32 20
33 20 1/2
34 21 1/4
35 22

How much fabric do I need for a half circle skirt?

usage half circle skirt: For a skirt length up to 20” (50 cm) you need fabric that is minimum 60” (1,5m) wide. For the length you measure the distance from your circle point (see 5 ) to your hem (including allowance) + 23/4”(7 cm) for the waistband.

What is the formula for a full circle skirt?

1 Full circle skirt: C = 2πr 2 Half circle skirt: 2C ÷ 2π 3 Three quarter circle skirt: 1.3C ÷ 2π 4 Third circle skirt: 3C ÷ 2π 5 Quarter circle skirt: 4C ÷ 2π

How to draft a quarter circle skirt?

Use the radius length to make marks for the waist circumference, starting from the corner of the paper (pic 2). Then, starting from the curve we just drafted, mark the desired length of the skirt and draft the second circle. When drafted like this, the pattern for a quarter circle skirt is layed on the fabric with no folds.

What is a 1/4 circle skirt?

1/4 circle skirt, this example has no side seams and is a single pattern piece with a seam up the centre back. Half and full circle skirts are everywhere on the web but I don’t see many quarter circles.

How do you calculate the diameter of a skirt?

The formula that is used is simple .You have to divide the circumference of the waist (C ) by 3.14 to get the diameter (d) of the inner circle. Then divide it by 2 once again to get the radius (r). Let’s say our waist is measured 26” or 66 cm. The diameter of the skirt would be 26” divided to 3.14 or 8.3”.