How much is a 50th anniversary Camaro?

How much is a 50th anniversary Camaro?

MSRP: Base price, $49,795; as equipped, $52,685. Fuel economy: Rated at 17 miles per gallon in the city, 27 on the highway and 20 combined, with filler on the right side. Official color: Nightfall Gray Metallic.

How much horsepower does a 50th anniversary Camaro have?

Its engine was more powerful, being a 6.2-liter, eight-speed automatic engine capable of producing 455 horsepower. Similar to its immediate predecessor, the anniversary Camaro goes up to 60 MPH in only 4.1 seconds.

When was Chevrolet’s 50th anniversary?

Chevrolet even built a number of two-tone Anniversary Gold/Ivory White (paint codes 551 and 526) pickups, Suburbans, panel trucks and vans in 1968 to commemorate 50 years of truck production. Along with the paint, every anniversary edition Impala received special yellow-gold vinyl bucket seats (trim code 891).

What does fifty Mean On Camaro?

50th Anniversary Edition is available on 2LT and includes: Nightfall Gray Metallic exterior with 50th Anniversary stripe package and badges. Unique 20-inch wheels. Unique grille with satin chrome accents. Body-color front splitter.

Which Camaro has Corvette engine?

Okay, to cut you off before you get started complaining: yes, the Camaro SS and LT1 do indeed already pack a 6.2-liter V8 sourced from the Corvette. The old Corvette, that is — the C7-gen Corvette Stingray and Grand Sport. (That engine, for the record, is known internally at GM and by fanboys by the code-name LT1.)

What is the most powerful Camaro?

2018 ZL1 1LE
The most powerful Chevrolet Camaro ever: 2018 ZL1 1LE The ZL1 1LE uses a supercharged LT4, a 6.2-liter all-aluminum V8 with overhead valves to make 650 horsepower. It stands as the most powerful Camaro from GM to date.

Why does my Camaro say fifty?

As said, all 2107 Camaro’s are 50th Anniversary vehicles and will have the “Fifty” logo on the steering wheel.

What year is the Camaro fifty?

2017 Chevrolet Camaro 50th Anniversary Edition.

When was Camaro 50th anniversary?

Product Information. Camaro celebrates the 50th anniversary of its introduction in 2017.