How much is a Cessna 750 Citation X?

How much is a Cessna 750 Citation X?

Current Price $ 20.6 million – $ 21.5 million U.S.

Can a Citation X be flown by one pilot?

Cessna’s Citation Encore+ is the largest business jet that can be flown by a single pilot. The Encore+’s unique combination of range, speed and comfort is what makes it one of the most versatile private jets in its class.

How many Cessna Citation X are there?

310 Citation X aircraft
There are 310 Citation X aircraft currently in operation worldwide with 240 wholly owned, 64 fractionally owned, and 6 in shared ownership.

How far can a Citation X fly?

3500 miles
The Cessna Citation X is capable of traveling 3500 miles with a fuel reserve enabling a landing at an alternate airport within 230 miles if necessary.

How much does a Cessna Citation jet cost?

A Cessna Citation business jet costs between $5.0m for a new Citation M2 and $23m for a new Citation Longitude, according to Aircraft BlueBook’s Winter 2021 data. However, depending on the age and condition of an aircraft, buyers can purchase a used Cessna Citation airplane for less.

Is the Cessna Citation a good plane?

If there’s any doubt about it, it’s clear that Cessna has a winner in the Citation X+. An airplane that was already a strong performer gets more room, a better, more sophisticated and advanced cabin, even more speed, a remarkable new cockpit with autothrottles, better fuel efficiency, more payload and greater range.

How much is a Cessna Citation X+?

Cessna Citation X+ However, these excellent features come at a cost – the estimated price for a new Cessna Citation X+ is around $23 million.

How fast is a Cessna Citation X+?

700 mphCessna Citation X / Top speed

What is the range of a Cessna Citation X+?

3,701 miCessna Citation X / Range

When did the Cessna Citation X come out?

The Cessna Citation X is an American business jet produced by Cessna and part of the Citation family . Announced at the October 1990 NBAA convention, the Model 750 made its maiden flight on December 21, 1993, received its type certification on June 3, 1996, and was first delivered in July 1996.

What kind of engines do Cessna Citation 10 have?

In 2010, Cessna initiated a major update of the aircraft, initially dubbed the Citation Ten, which included upgraded AE3007C2 engines with new fans, Garmin G5000 flight displays with three 14-inch (36 cm) screens, and a heads-up display.

What are the specs of a Citation X supermid jet?

Performance The Citation X SuperMid Jet has been manufactured by Cessna since 1996 and is currently in production. The cabin measures 23.7 feet long by 5.6 feet wide by 5.7 feet tall giving it a total cabin volume of 527 cubic feet making it comfortable for 8 passengers, with the maximum configuration seating 12. Get a Private Jet Charter Quote

What kind of avionics does a Citation X+ have?

In the Citation X+ the avionics were changed to the Garmin 5000 system. In 2008, Winglet Technology, with the help of Cessna, began flight testing epoxy/graphite elliptical winglets on a Citation X. Flight testing was nearing completion in late 2008, with FAA supplemental type certification expected in 2009.