How much is a female Maltese?

How much is a female Maltese?

Breeders are often your best bet when it comes to purchasing a Maltese puppy. You can expect to pay around $1,200 for a pet-quality dog. However, you may find some as cheap as $600 and some as expensive as $3,000. While breeders are often more expensive, there is a reason for the higher price.

Are male or female Maltese more affectionate?

Although they have slight differences, both sexes are generally well-tempered and loving. If you travel frequently and have to leave the dog alone, a female can handle your absence better than a male.

How long do female Maltese dogs live?

14-15 years
She typically weighs 2 to 8 pounds and has a beautiful long and silky coat. Although small, they do require regular exercise and tend to be quite playful even when indoors. The Maltese is a generally healthy breed with an average lifespan of 14-15 years.

How big do female Maltese dogs get?

eight to nine inches tall
The compact Maltese should weigh no more than seven pounds at maturity, with four to six pounds being preferred. Males should be eight to ten inches tall at the shoulder, while females should be eight to nine inches tall. Beware of breeders who offer “tea cup” Maltese.

How long is a Maltese a puppy?

If they are less than six months old, they are probably still growing. After eight months, most Maltese puppies should be at their adult height and weight.

Where can you find Maltese puppies?

DON’T look for cheap puppies on Craigslist or other free listing sites. They are usually low quality and can come from unreputable breeders.

  • DON’T try to cut a deal with a Maltese dog breeder.
  • DON’T buy the cheapest puppy you can find. They are usually unhealthy and living in horrible conditions in puppy mills.
  • How much does a Maltese cost?

    How much does a Maltese cost? While breeders with low standards may charge as little as $600, for a pet-quality Maltese, you can generally expect to pay about $2,500 for a male and more than $3,000 for a female. Show-quality dogs and those with breeding rights are often well over $4,000.

    How many babies can a Maltese have?

    avg. 1 to 3 puppies. The Maltese is a breed of dog in the toy group. It is thought to have originated in south-central Europe from dogs of spitz type. It takes its name from the Mediterranean island of Malta.

    How much do Maltese puppies cost?

    Maltese puppies belong to the toy group, and the name is believed to be from the island of Malta. How much does a Maltese cost? On average, a Maltese puppy is going to cost anywhere from $700 to as much as $2,100+.