How much is a Hupmobile worth?

How much is a Hupmobile worth?

The average price of a Hupmobile is $29,355.

What kind of car is a Hupmobile?

Hupmobile was an automobile built from 1909 through 1939 by the Hupp Motor Car Company of Detroit….Hupmobile.

Type Automobile Manufacturing
Products vehicles Automotive parts

What year was the Hupmobile made?

When the first Hupmobile debuted in 1909, Henry Ford was said to have told a friend, “I recall looking at Bobby Hupp’s roadster … and wondering whether we could ever build as good a small car for as little money.” Hupmobiles developed a reputation not just for being cheap, but also rugged and reliable.

Who built the Hupmobile?

Robert Hupp, a former employee of Oldsmobile and Ford, and his brother Louis Hupp founded the Hupp Motor Car Co. in Detroit, Michigan. They introduced the Hupmobile Model 20, a two-passenger runabout with a four-cylinder engine and a two-speed transmission, at the 1908 Detroit Auto Show.

When did Hupmobile go out of business?


Type Automobile Manufacturing
Industry Automotive
Founded 1909
Defunct 1940
Headquarters Detroit, Michigan , United States

What car is on the back of a 10 dollar bill?

This question was originally posted in 1999. The $10 bill has since been redesigned, and no longer has any automobiles included on the back.

How many Hupmobiles are there?

Production lasted only a couple of months, and only 319 Skylarks were produced. Hupmobile ceased production in late summer. Graham-Paige suspended production shortly after the last Hupmobile rolled off the line.

Who made the Hupmobile car?

What was the model number of the Graham Paige?

1929 Graham Paige Model 612 sedan and coupe with rumble seat. Graham Brothers Motor Car Company

How much would you pay for a Graham Paige?

1931 Graham Paige, $12,500. Posted 03/04//2020. Nice Graded out high in car shows. Original interior. Has been repainted, New tires. 1937 Graham Cavalier Project Car, $1,000. Posted 01/27/2020. Complete car with spare parts. Rust at bottom of cowl and door posts. Not bad. Worth restoring. Car in Oklahoma City. Clear title.

How much is my Graham engine worth?

The Graham engine is correct to the year of this vintage car along with the vin numbers matching up to a current up to date title. The car runs great and drives as it should right down the road for a 88 year old auto. I have priced it to sell at $18,650.00 but will listen to reasonable offers.

Is there a 1926 Graham Paige in 2021?

1926 Graham Paige. Posted 04/15/2021. Thought to be a 1926. Partially Restored. All bright work has been re-chromed. All parts are there, ready for assembly. Contact Judy before May 22, 2021. Bob and Judy were members of the Graham club at one time and attended the 2008 convention at LaCrosse, WI.