How much is a R44 Raven?

How much is a R44 Raven?

Robinson R44 Raven II Specs

Price New $465K
Year Started 2003
Year Ended In Production

How much does a R44 Raven 2 helicopter cost?

Based on 450 annual owner-operated hours and $4.25-per-gallon fuel cost, the ROBINSON R44 Raven II has total variable costs of $147,240.00, total fixed costs of $35,810.00, and an annual budget of $183,050.00.

How much does a Raven helicopter cost?

Raven I versus Raven II

R44 Raven I R44 Raven II
Price $412,000 $490,000
Power Carbureted Lycoming O-540 Fuel-injected Lycoming IO-540
Electrical System 14V older/28V newer 28V
Gross Weight 2400 lbs. 2500 lbs.

How much is an R66 turbine helicopter?

The helicopter’s base price is $920,000, while the R66 Marine with pop-out floats runs $965,000. The R66’s cabin measures eight inches wider than that of the R44. Empty weight is 1,290 pounds and the payload with full fuel totals 900 pounds.

How fast is a R44?

149 mphRobinson R44 / Top speed

What is a Robinson R44 Raven?

The Robinson R44 Raven is a four bladed, single engine helicopter designed for recreational and commercial operations. The Raven is constructed from advanced composite materials. The exterior is covered with a high-strength carbon fibre reinforced polymer while the main rotor blades are made from an aluminium/magnesium alloy.

What is the difference between a Robinson R22 and R44?

Robinson R44. It has an enclosed cabin with two rows of side-by-side seating for a pilot and three passengers. Tail rotor direction of rotation on the R44 is reversed compared to the R22 for improved yaw control authority. On the R44 the advancing blade is on the bottom.

When did the Robinson R44 Newscopter come out?

The first R44 Newscopter featuring onboard electronic news gathering equipment was delivered in 1998. In January 2000, Robinson introduced the Raven with hydraulically assisted controls and adjustable pedals. In July 2002, Robinson introduced the Raven II featuring a more powerful, fuel-injected engine and wider blades,…

What kind of engine does the R44 Raven II have?

Specifications (R44 Raven II) 1 Powerplant: 1 × Lycoming IO-540-AE1A5 6-cylinder air-cooled horizontally-opposed piston engine, 245 hp (183 kW) 2 Main rotor diameter: 33 ft (10 m) 3 Main rotor area: 855.4 sq ft (79.47 m 2) More