How much is a Tigershark jet ski worth?

How much is a Tigershark jet ski worth?

You can probably find a used Tigershark PWC in the $500- $1,000 price range.

Are Tigershark skis good?

If you can somehow find a good running Tigershark, they’re great to ride. A Tigershark jet ski from the late 90’s can hit between 55-65 mph, and they ride much different than modern models. The small, lightweight bodies can be really fun, so long as they work properly.

How fast is a Tigershark jet ski?

Tigershark PWC

Manufacturer Tigershark
Top speed < 60 Mph
Ignition type CDI
Transmission axial flow jet pump w/ 148mm stainless-steel stator
Dimensions L : 118 in. W : 44.5 in. H : 41 In.

Does Polaris still make personal watercraft?

Polaris Industries Inc. has stopped making personal watercraft — effective immediately — the company announced in a news release Thursday.

How much are electric jet skis?

With a list price of $150,000 for the jet ski and $500,000 for the full RIB package, the two-seat Maverick GT will have a 350-hp H3X 3-D-printed electric engine that is significantly more powerful than other personal watercraft now on the water, giving it a top speed of 70-plus mph and range of 50 to 100 miles.

Do jet skis run on gas or electricity?

As we know, jet skis can be really dangerous, and not just by doing irresponsible tricks or operating recklessly. They are powered with gas which can endanger you in many ways.

Can you still get parts for Polaris jet skis?

Although Polaris watercraft production ended in 2004, OEM Polaris watercraft parts are still readily available and in-stock on To find the jet ski parts you need, simply choose the year of your Polaris watercraft, then select your PWC model.

Can you go from Florida to the Bahamas on a jet ski?

This is a question many Floridians have pondered before, and I’m happy to tell you that, yes – it is entirely possible. In fact, it is a route well-traveled amongst a number of jet ski enthusiasts in the area.