How much is a Troller T4?

How much is a Troller T4?

This is the new Troller T4 Trail from Ford. Priced from the equivalent of just under $38,000, the new Troller T4 Trail packs upgraded bumpers with winch prep, big fender flares, skid plates and a snorkel.

Who makes troller 4×4?

Ford Brazil
The new TX4 trim adds an automatic transmission, locking rear diff, and more to the two-door SUV. Ford Brazil keeps on trolling the rest of the world with its off-road-ready Troller. The Jeep Wrangler-like SUV is everything we Yanks have ever asked for from the Blue Oval.

Who makes troller?

Ford Motor Company
Troller Veículos Especiais

Type Subsidiary
Owner Ford Motor Company
Number of employees 470 (January, 2021)
Parent Ford Brasil (2007–2021)

Can you buy a Ford troller in the US?

The Ford Troller T-4 is only manufactured and sold in Brazil. Unlike other “foreign” made cars, the T-4 will probably never make it to the U.S. market, seeing as it would cost far too much to bring the vehicle up to U.S. safety standards.

What is troller car brand?

Troller is a small manufacturer that Ford recently bought and that now exists as a division of the Ford Motor Company in Brazil. The Troller T4 you see here is the brand’s replacement for the current T4, a similarly sized SUV that looks suspiciously like a Jeep Wrangler, only uglier.

What is the meaning of troller?

Definitions of troller. a fisherman who uses a hook and line. synonyms: angler. type of: fisher, fisherman. someone whose occupation is catching fish.

What is a troller 4×4?

The Troller T4 was a four-wheel drive/rear-wheel drive vehicle made by Troller. It was only available as a two-door car with a fiberglass body and steel chassis, with a design inspired by the Jeep. It has standard 4WD, a 5-speed manual transmission and Dana axles.

Where is Troller sold?

An rugged off-road SUV exclusive to the Brazilian market, the Troller is one of many desirable Ford products that the American automaker doesn’t sell in the USA.

What is a Troller 4×4?

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