How old is the original temptation?

How old is the original temptation?

The crowd screamed, “No!” But semi-jokingly, 76-year-old Otis Williams, the lone surviving original Temptation, raised his hand. He’s been the ensemble’s primary force of cohesion for decades, and nearly 60 years into his life as a Temptation, his goal remains miraculously unchanged: Keep the group together.

What was the Temptations number one song?

Included are popular Temptations hits such as “The Way You Do the Things You Do”, “Get Ready”, “Since I Lost My Baby”, “My Baby”, “Don’t Look Back”, and their signature #1 hit, “My Girl”.

Who sang 1966 Girl?

the Temptations
“My Girl” is a soul music song recorded by the Temptations for the Gordy (Motown) record label. Written and produced by the Miracles members Smokey Robinson and Ronald White, it became the Temptations’ first U.S. number 1 single, and is today their signature song.

Who was the best dancer in the Temptations?

Considered the Temptations’ best dancer, Williams served as the group’s original choreographer, devising routines for his group and The Supremes (most notably their trademark “Stop! In the Name of Love” routine), before Cholly Atkins took over that role for all of Motown’s acts.

Who led the Temptations?

David Ruffin was an American soul singer who rose to fame as one of the lead singers of the Temptations.

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How tall is David Ruffin?

6′ 3″David Ruffin / Height

Did the Temptations write their own songs?

The first several years of their career, Smokey Robinson is the Temptations’ primary producer and song writer. In March 1965, “My Girl,” becomes their first #1 Pop, million-copy best-seller and it goes on to become one of the all-time greatest songs ever recorded.

What are the Temptations songs?

Let It Reign featuring K. Sparks 2:43

  • When We Were Kings 4:51
  • Is It Gonna Be Yes Or No featuring Smokey Robinson 4:11
  • Time For The People 5:25
  • Elevator Eyes 4:07
  • My Whole World Stopped Without You 4:04
  • You Don’t Know Your Woman (Like I Do) 4:00
  • How Do You Spell Love 4:10
  • Calling Out Your Name 5:34
  • I Want It Right Now 4:21
  • What were the Temptations greatest hits?

    To those who haven’t heard any songs from The Temptations, here is 5 of their greatest hits with a photo from each of their live performances. 1. My girl by The Temptations (1965) “I’ve got so much honey the bees envy me, I’ve got a sweeter song than the birds in the trees”

    How many songs did the Temptations record?

    The Temptations 33 22 – “I Like It Like That” The Miracles Marv Tarplin: 27 10 – “You’re My Remedy” The Marvelettes 48 16 – “Baby, Baby I Need You” The Temptations – – – “That’s What Love Is Made of” The Miracles Bobby Rogers, Pete Moore: 35 9 – “Come On Do the Jerk” The Miracles Marv Tarplin, Bobby Rogers, Ronald White: 50 22 – “Lucky, Lucky