How tall should closet doors be?

How tall should closet doors be?

80 inches
Closet doors should be as tall as the door opening, typically 80 inches though this can vary. Measure from the floor to the underside of the door trim to determine its proper height.

Are mirrored sliding doors outdated?

Whether you’re renting a place or you’ve bought your home, perhaps you’ve come across sliding-mirror closet doors. In fact, often this feature is seen as outdated–a holdover from the glory days of ’80s design. As someone who loves adding 1980s touches to my interior, I’ve never shied away from mirrored closet doors.

How much do mirror sliding doors cost?

Typical costs: Plain or mirrored sliding closet doors in steel (less expensive) or aluminum can cost $50-$200, depending on size and style. For example, at Home Depot the Econoline 59″x80″ Painted Steel Aztec Gold Mirror Bypass Doors[1] cost $97.

What are the sizes of sliding glass doors?

A standard sliding glass door is 80-inches tall with a width varying from 60 inches to 72 inches depending on the space….Common widths for two-panel sliding glass doors are:

  • 60 inches, or 5 feet.
  • 72 inches, or 6 feet.
  • 96 inches, or 8 feet.

What is the rough opening for a closet door?

A 6-foot-wide closet opening is most common, but you can install closet doors in an opening of just about any width. Sets of bifolds are available in a variety of widths (in multiples of 2 inches) and bypass doors can be cut to any width desired. The standard height is 80 inches (the same as for an entry door).

What are mirrored closet doors made of?

Mirrors are made from plate glass and are therefore subject to potential breakage just like windows. However, there are several factors that influence the durability and breakage resistance of mirrored wardrobe doors.

Are closet doors standard size?

Still, it can be incredibly helpful to know what the general or standard size of a closet door should be. The average measurement is at 30 inches wide and 80 inches tall. The size of your closet door can vary depending on the architecture of the room and the type of closet door you have.

What is the size of a sliding mirror closet door?

Not just another pretty face, their sliding mirror closet doors are 0.75″ PlyCorr (densely corrugated cardboard that performs like wood without the added weight) with the mirror laminated directly to the surface. Other mirror doors are simply mesh backed mirror in a lightweight frame.

What are the different styles of closet doors?

If you prefer sliding closet doors, consider mirrored steel sliding panels, prefinished fiberboard featuring a rustic barn-style K-brace design, or frosted glass on a trackless door design that helps to avoid damaging floors. Our bifold closet doors come in a number of different styles, such as Craftsman, Midcentury, Contemporary, and Rustic.

Why choose a sliding mirror door?

The sliding mirror door is a fantastic solution to a smaller space where there is no room for a traditional swinging door, and the primed surfaces are ready for any quality paint to match your decor. Our exclusive hardware carries a lifetime warranty so you never have to worry about long-term performance.

Does Lowes sell closet doors?

At Lowe’s, you’ll find closet doors of all styles, including bifolding options, doors that pivot and sliding panels. They also come in a remarkable range of colors, including white, brown, blue, red and green, offering a chance to bring some vividness to your home’s interiors.