How was KOTOR 2 supposed to end?

How was KOTOR 2 supposed to end?

The originally planned ending would have provided in-game fates – and in many cases, deaths – for all of the characters who travel with the main player character. In-game, the game ends with Darth Traya revealing the party member’s futures.

How many endings does KOTOR have?

Aware that the game had two endings, but not entirely sure when the decision was that forced you to commit to the light or dark side, I played the game fairly middle of the road…

Why is KOTOR 2 unfinished?

There’s lots of content not implemented, and the game suffers of endless crashes and freezes that corrupt your save data and you have to start all over again. The last missions don’t make any sense because at least 5 main quest missions were never finished, and therefore, cutoff from the final release.

What happens after you defeat Kreia?

After defeating Kreia there’s a cutscene of her body falling into the core then it pans out to show Malachor V then looks over into some formation in space. Then credits roll.

Is Tslrcm a canon?

🎮 [Games] Is kotor ii tslrcm approved by lucasarts? No, only the official release is canon to Legends. If they approved it, then the Kotor 2 app release last month would have included including the mod or option for it.

Where did Bao Dur go?

Telos IV
Although he joined the Republic military for the sake of revenge, Bao-Dur had a deeper conscience after the events of Malachor V. Wracked with guilt over creating the Mass Shadow Generator, he wandered into exile, hopping from planet to planet, before he went to Telos IV and dedicated his life to helping others.

What species is Bao Dur?


Biographical information
Species Zabrak
Gender Male
Hair color None

Will Kotor ever be remastered?

Lower City Taris. KOTOR: Apeiron is a voluntary community project still very early in development and with no discernible timeline, as is often the case with community projects. And it’s wildly ambitious, claiming it will not only remaster the game with new visuals but also remake and expand it.

How do I become a Sith Kotor one not two?

Sith Academy. Upon landing at Korriban, get off of the Ebon Hawk and you’ll find yourself on the landing pad. There’s nothing of any interest around the ship, so go straight to the two Sith

Should I get Kotor?

– Peace is a lie. There is only Passion. – Through passion, I gain Strength. – Through strength, I gain Power. – Through power, I gain Victory. – Through victory, my chains are broken.