Is a 727 transmission automatic?

Is a 727 transmission automatic?

When it first appeared in 1962, the 727 TorqueFlite automatic transmission immediately established a reputation for strength, efficiency, light weight, and superior performance compared to the competition.

How strong is a 727 transmission?

The strength of the 727 is rarely contested. From the factory, they came against engines ranging up to the 426 Hemi. They are unusually strong transmissions, seeing service with hotrodders and heavier truck applications. The duty range of the 727 is often likened to the GM TH400 and Ford C6 automatics.

What is the difference between a 727 and 904 transmission?

The 727 was the only available automatic transmission for big block cars. You could get a 727 for a small block, which where mostly for 340’s and 360’s or you could get a 904 which was primarily for the 318. 727 is a much heavier duty transmission and can really take a beating.

When did the 727 TorqueFlite transmission come out?

Chrysler 727 Torqueflite Automatic Transmission. The Chrysler Torqueflite 727 was introduced in 1962 as the replacement to the A-488. For three decades, it was Mopar’s flagship automatic transmission, and an important transmission in the history of Chrysler, as well as Jeeps and other car makers.

Can a 727 shift be too tight?

Be careful as too tight will cause premature wear. 727s are cool in that you can adjust both externally. A decent shift kit will completely change the character of a 727 as well. Have Fun! you’re welcome.

What is the gear ratio for a Ford 727?

Gearing for the 727 is 2.54:1 for 1st gear, 1.54:1 for second, 1:1 for third and 2.21:1 for reverse. The weight of the transmission is a hefty 161 lbs. 1973 saw a larger filter introduced to curtail possible slow shifting due to fluid starvation from the smaller filters that were more easily plugged.

What kind of transmission does a Chrysler A-727 have?

The A-727 is a 3- speed automatic transmission designed and manufactured by Chrysler in the early 1960-s (replaced A488). Since then, this gearbox mainly had been mounted on a different Chrysler cars.