Is a red dot sight good for turkey hunting?

Is a red dot sight good for turkey hunting?

In our opinion, a red dot is perfect on a turkey shotgun. They are durable, offer a good field of view, and at realistic turkey shooting distances, there generally isn’t a need for magnification. We prefer an optic that sits as low on the gun as possible so we can maintain a solid cheek weld on our gun.

What is the best shotgun scope for turkey?

7 Best Shotgun Scopes for Turkey Hunting (Ranked And Reviewed)

  • TRUGLO GOBBLE-STOPPER 30mm Turkey Hunting Dual-Color Dot Sight.
  • KonusPro 7249 Shotgun Scope.
  • Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope.
  • TRUGLO 4x32mm Compact Rimfire and Shotgun Scope.
  • Primary Arms SLX Advanced 30mm Red Dot Sight.

Where is the best place to shoot a turkey with a shotgun?

head and neck
When hunting wild turkeys with a shotgun, greater success is achieved when hunters shoot at the head and neck area of the bird. The most effective firearm shot for a turkey is to the head and neck. The preferred shot angle for bowhunters is broadside, aiming for the heart or lungs.

How far away can you shoot a turkey with a shotgun?

With lighter, underpowered loads of soft lead pellets shot out of a 12-gauge shotgun with a full choke, 30 yards was the maximum range for a lethal shot on a turkey.

How far can you shoot a turkey load?

Lead 4 shot retains enough energy to penetrate vitals far beyond the distance at which the pattern grows too thin to insure (sic) enough hits.” The National Wild Turkey Federation has long maintained that 40 yards is the ethical limit most turkey loads are capable of delivering reliable patterns on a turkey’s vital …

What is the most popular turkey gun?

The Best Pump-Action Turkey Guns Ever Made

  1. Winchester Model 12. A used Full-choke Model 12 makes a great and classic turkey gun.
  2. Remington 870 Express Turkey. The 870 has probably killed more turkeys that any other shotgun.
  3. Winchester 1300/SXP.
  4. Ithaca Model 37 Turkey Slayer.
  5. Mossberg 835.

What is the best gun to shoot a turkey?

8 Great Turkey Hunting Shotguns

  • Remington 870 Express ShurShot Synthetic Turkey.
  • Browning BPS NWTF.
  • Weatherby SA-459 Turkey.
  • Stoeger M3000/M3500 SteadyGrip.
  • Winchester SX4 NWTF Cantilever Turkey.
  • Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag Recoil Reduction System.
  • Browning Cynergy Ultimate Turkey.
  • Benelli Performance Shop M2 Turkey Edition 20 Gauge.

Does vortex make shotgun scopes?

Vortex’s Diamondback: loaded with features! First, the solid one-piece aircraft-grade aluminum alloy construction makes the Diamondback riflescope virtually indestructible and highly resistant to magnum recoil.