Is a Shimano Saragosa worth it?

Is a Shimano Saragosa worth it?

The Shimano Saragosa is widely accepted as a favourite saltwater reel offering great affordability, reliability, and durability. A high performing saltwater reel without the expensive price point. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 7 years since the last release of the Shimano Saragosa.

How much drag does a Shimano Saragosa have?

Tackle the toughest species and conditions with elegance and power. Up to 44 pounds of drag to stop even the meanest offshore fish.

Is the Shimano Saragosa sealed?

Shimano has what they call X-protect and X-shield technology in the Saragosa lineup, which means they are “almost” fully sealed so you should feel confident even during wet and wild fishing conditions.

How much drag does a Saragosa 10000 have?


TRSW080 – SARAGOSA 8000HG SW 106 cm 12 kg
SRG10000SW – SARAGOSA 10000 SW 102 cm 15 kg
SRG20000SW – SARAGOSA 20000 SW 104 cm 20 kg
SRG25000SW – SARAGOSA 25000 SW 113 cm 20 kg

Is the Saragosa braid ready?

The Saragosa spinning reel is made for offshore fishing and targeting some of the biggest fish out there. The reel comes with a braid-ready spool and has a big line capacity to match the size of fish that it’s capable of handling.

How much drag does a Saragosa 6000 have?

Shimano Saragosa 6000 SWA

Reel Name: Mono Line Cap. (test/yd): Max Drag (lb):
Shimano SRG6000SWAHG 12/265, 16/170, 20/120 22

How much line does a Saragosa 6000 hold?

With a max drag capacity of 10kg, a gear ratio of 5.7:1 and a line capacity of 6kg/230Mtre, you can expect this 6000 size spinning reel to take on classic saltwater fish species such as your Snapper, Salmon, Mulloway etc.

What does SW mean Shimano?

“SW” stands for saltwater and means that this reel has some degree of corrosion resistance.

What is SW in Shimano reels?

The Shimano Stella SW represents the pinnacle of innovation for Shimano reel technology and fish-fighting performance. By supporting the pinion gear on both ends with our S-ARB bearings and integrating a bigger drive gear, Shimano increased the gearing efficiency and power.

What is Saragosa SW spinning reels?

The Shimano Saragosa SW Spinning reels are saltwater reels made to be durable with new “Cam” oscillation system. These reels are water resistant and provide a comfortable drag.

Is the Saragosa 8000 the same size as Shimano baitrunner 6000oc?

The Saragosa 8000 is actually similar in size and line capacity to the Shimano Baitrunner8000OC. IS IT SARAGOSA 8000 THE SAME SIZE AS SHIMONO BAITRUNNER 6000OC? The Saragosa 8000 is actually similar in size and line capacity to the Shimano Baitrunner8000OC.

How many yards of braid can a Saragosa 8000 hold?

The Saragosa 8000 is actually similar in size and line capacity to the Shimano Baitrunner8000OC. how many yards of 65 lb braid can this hold? Sonny, Hello this reel will hold 215 yards of 65lb braid.

Is the Shimano 6000 reel worth the money?

The 6000 is a great all-around reel for stripers, blues, albies, fluke, black sea bass, porgy, and tog. Worth every penny. Smooth as can be! Matched my 6000 w powerpro maxquatro and it’s like a dream This is a powerful reel from Shimano. Solid, powerful. I own the 10,000 and the 20,000. Will get another 20K.