Is American Made hyphenated?

Is American Made hyphenated?

You wouldn’t think so from the name of a new documentary about U.S. manufacturing. The problem is the absence of a hyphen, rendering “American” a noun when it should be a compound adjective: American-Made Movie. Hyphens (and when to use them) give a lot of us pause. I-tend-to-over-hyphenate.

Should policy making be hyphenated?

Merriam-Webster Unabridged doesn’t list “policy-maker” or “policymaker.” This may be taken to mean that MW considers it two words: “policy maker.” The American Heritage Dictionary, however, lists “policymaker” as one word, no hyphen.

Why are Americans hyphenated?

It was an epithet used from 1890 to 1920 to disparage Americans who were of foreign birth or origin, and who displayed an allegiance to a foreign country through the use of the hyphen. It was most commonly directed at German Americans or Irish Americans (Catholics) who called for U.S. neutrality in World War I.

Does American English hyphenate?

Generally, American English tends toward omission of the hyphen when it comes to prefixes (“readjust” or “midline,” for example), while British English tends toward hyphenation in the case of prefixes (“pre-school,” for example). However, there are no hard and fast rules.

Is all American hyphenated?

All-America and All-American are hyphenated, even when not used as compound modifiers. 3. Do not capitalize the names of individual All-America(n) events.

Do you use a hyphen before based?

Most suffixes don’t require a hyphen and simply join up as part of the root word. However, there are a few suffixes that need to be hyphenated, including -elect, -style, -based, and -free.

How do you spell policy maker?

a person responsible for making policy, especially in government.

What is mean by policy making?

Policymaking is the act of creating laws or setting standards for a government or business. An example of policymaking is when the President and his staff draft and pass a new crime bill.

Do you hyphenate two nationalities?

For now, The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage uses hyphens in most expressions of compound nationality, like “Italian-American,” “Japanese-American,” “Irish-American” and “Asian-American,” but not others, like “Jewish American” or French Canadian.” Confusing.

Is South American hyphenated?

Hyphenate most ethnicity combinations when used as an adjective. Do not hyphenate noun combinations. EXCEPTION: Latin American is not hyphenated when used as a adjective.

Why does pro British need a hyphen?

A hyphen should always be used to separate a prefix that comes before a proper noun. For example, pro-British. Use a hyphen to keep the same letters from running together, as in a still-life painting.

Is North American hyphenated?

For example, make a compound word out of North, America, and based. North America is open formed and something-based is hyphenated.