Is basket toss illegal?

Is basket toss illegal?

The rule explanation is as follows: The first rule under inversions is “Unless allowed under the rules in this section, a top person must not be in an inverted position.” There are no rules that state that a free standing basket toss back flip is legal; therefore, they are illegal.

How much do you have to weigh to be a flyer?

As already mentioned, a flyer needs to be agile and needs to be of a much lighter weight than the base. The base must be able to throw the flyer in the air, sustain the stunts in the air and then catch the flyer on the way back to the ground. Thus the weight of a flyer can vary between 85 lbs to 115 lbs.

Is being a flyer or base harder?

MYTH: Being a flyer is less work than being a base. TRUTH: Although bases have the strenuous job of lifting, catching and keeping their flyer safe, the flyer position also takes an abundant amount of physical effort. Flyers must practice over and over how to stand solidly with their leg locked.

What are some tips for stunting in cheerleading?

As stunting is the most serious part of cheerleading ( and tons of fun ), here are some tips to remember to make sure your stunting experience is awesome! NEVER STUNT WITHOUT A SPOTTER! NEVER try an stunt that you are not ready for – Perfection before Progression!!! Always pay attention to your group when you are stunting.

What is the best stunt to start with?

The Pony Mount is the perfect stunt to start with! Here are some things to keep in mind: The Pony Sit or Pony Mount is very simple and is one of the first stunts that your team should learn. Make sure your base has their arms locked at all times and head up.

Can I stunt with my team?

Only stunt when every member of your team has the proper attire on! That means everyone must have athletic shoes and proper clothing with no jewelry, and hair pulled back. Please note, do not wear shorts with pockets as they can catch your flyer’s feet on the way down and make them fall.

What should I do to prepare for a stunt?

Make sure ALL of your stunt group members are READY to try a new stunt before you attempt it. Use HANDS ON SPOTTING for all stunts to help minimize falls and injuries. Look at the area where you are stunting and make sure you have plenty of room and proper safety mats.