Is black cherry soda a sativa?

Is black cherry soda a sativa?

What Is the Black Cherry Soda Strain? Black Cherry Soda weed is a sativa-dominant (80%) hybrid. It is a cross of several strains, including: Airborne G13.

What strain is black cherry?

Blackcherry Punch is an indica cross between Purple Punch and Black Cherry Pie. It is known to deliver full body relaxation along with a dose of euphoric bliss, as one would expect from a potent, indica heavy strain. This strain’s taste profile starts off earthy and piney, but also has notes of sweet floral and wood.

What strain is grape soda?

Being a 70% indica / 30% sativa hybrid strain, the effects of Grape Soda are very much in line with what you would expect from an indica, with just a hint of a sativa mind high adding an uplifting mood boost. Very little is known about the lineage of Grape Soda, a strain that was bred by Taste Budz.

What strain is orange soda?

Orange Soda is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain with a super sweet tangy flavor and aroma. Orange Soda produces a powerful cerebral sensation that can last up to two hours. The strains that are crossed to create this lovely bud are Mandarina X Sour Diesel.

How strong is black cherry OG?

Black Cherry OG is an Indica dominant hybrid. It is rumored to be a cross between Granddaddy Purple and Ken’s OG strains, even though the actual genetic were never revealed. THC levels are usually measured between 12 and 18%; CBD levels are less than 1%.

Are black cherries hybrid?

The four subspecies or varieties of black cherry mentioned above may be considered as races. There are no recognized interspecific hybrids with black cherry. There is one account of controlled hybridization between wild black cherry and one of the varieties-the capulin black cherry (80).

Do deer eat black cherries?

Deer will graciously accept any fruit on your property as a delicious meal. Nearly all fruit trees are frequented by deer populations when available, including apples (Malus spp.), pears (Pyrus spp.), and especially cherries and plums (Prunus spp.).