Is CIRS a real diagnosis?

Is CIRS a real diagnosis?

CIRS DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT CIRS is an activation of the innate immune system, making a proper diagnosis difficult since common parameters of inflammation are generally negative upon laboratory evaluation. There is a genetic component that can be tested. CIRS is a brain on fire.

Can CIRS be cured?

Thanks to the research of Dr. Shoemaker, we now have a systemic approach to diagnose and treat CIRS, supported by thousands of cases of people who were cured, helping you to get back to your normal life CIRS free, even if you are genetically susceptible.

Is CIRS permanent?

When a person who is genetically susceptible to CIRS spends time in a water-damaged building, that person’s immune system may not be able to recognize the mold biotoxins being inhaled. Instead of binding to and removing them from the body, the immune system allows the biotoxins to circulate—potentially indefinitely.

Is CIRS Recognised in Australia?

CIRS is currently not recognised as a mould related disease in Australia. In 2018, a Public Inquiry into Biotoxin Related Illnesses found that there was insufficient scientific evidence to prove that mould can lead to CIRS.

Can CIRS be fatal?

There is neither a treatment nor a test for acute ciguatoxin exposure, yet the effects are often debilitating and on rare occasions, even deadly. Use of a CIRS treatment protocol shows promise in chronic cases [5].

Is CIRS genetic?

What is CIRS? Chronic inflammatory response syndrome is a biotoxin illness triggered by exposure to mold. Around 25% of the US population have the genes which put them at risk of developing CIRS if brought into contact with mold. However, you don’t necessarily have to have this genetic predisposition to develop CIRS.

How do I lower my CIRS?

The treatment of CIRS from a conventional standpoint includes prescription medications. An integrative approach emphasizes a change in diet and utilizing binders and antioxidants to remove unwanted toxins. An important early step in CIRS treatment is to remove MARCoNS and mold from deep within the nose if present.

Is CIRS reversible?

Many CIRS patients exhibit a neurological component of illness that includes structural brain changes. This study shows some of those structural brain changes are potentially reversible when patients are removed from the WDB environment and follow sequential steps of a published treatment protocol.

What triggers CIRS?

There are three common ways you can run into CIRS: Water-damaged building (home or office) Tick bite-related diseases, such as Lyme disease. Exposure to dinoflagellates (waterborne toxin producers) like Ciguatera or Pfiesteria.

Can mold toxicity mimic MS?

Mold as a Cause of Multiple Sclerosis Mycotoxins cross the blood-brain barrier and directly damage nerve cells. The damaged cells release debris that triggers an immune response creating more oxidative damage. The mycotoxin gliotoxin has been shown to cause nerve cell death and demyelination in research studies.

How is CIRS diagnosed?

If chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS) is suspected, we would conduct a blood test to check for the genes HLA-DR and HLA-DQ which indicate CIRS susceptibility.

What does CIRS feel like?

Body Aches, Weakness, Headache, Light Sensitivity, Decreased Assimilation of New Knowledge. If your body aches all the time, it can be a sign you may have Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. Weakness, headaches, light sensitivity — all of these are closely related symptoms of CIRS.