Is FCC investigating cell phone frequencies?

Is FCC investigating cell phone frequencies?

Now the FCC is investigating.” The Chicago Tribune article reported that its testing revealed that several popular cell phones produced radio frequency (RF) radiation levels in excess of the FCC’s specific absorption rate (SAR) limits for RF exposure.

How do I report a telemarketer to the FCC?

Consumers can file complaints with the FCC by going to You should choose the phone form and the unwanted calls issue for all complaints involving unwanted calls, including if your number is being spoofed, blocked, or labeled.

What are FCC standards?

When an electronic device has an FCC certificate, it means the product has been tested to comply with FCC standards and it has been approved. An FCC certification does not imply that the product is safe or durable. It simply means that it meets regulated limits for ionizing radiation.

What must occur for a telephone conversation to be broadcast?

In California, all parties to any confidential conversation must give their consent to be recorded. For calls occurring over cellular or cordless phones, all parties must consent before a person can record, regardless of confidentiality.

What is the FCC and why is it important?

The FCC is essential to keeping phone service providers (and ISPs) in check because it works to ensure that providers do not take advantage of consumers and that they observe fair practices. Here are a couple of examples of what the FCC requires of phone service providers:

What does the FCC require of phone service providers?

Here are a couple of examples of what the FCC requires of phone service providers: Truth in Billing —Providers must make the items on your phone bill “clear, factual, and plain,” showing on the bill exactly what each charge is for and specifying any and all due dates.

Does the FCC have a duty to release your phone number?

That said, the FCC does mandate that a service provider has to allow subscribers to port their phone number to a new provider, and they cannot refuse to release the number. The FCC definitely has its shortcomings, and in fact, the entire agency could use an overhaul.

Will the FCC and FTC stop virus-related scam robocalls?

The FCC and FTC demand gateway service providers do their part to stop virus-related scam robocalls or face serious consequences. Learn more.