Is February a good time to visit Las Vegas?

Is February a good time to visit Las Vegas?

Weather-wise, the best times to visit Las Vegas are spring and fall, with highs hovering around 70 degrees in March and the low 80s in October. Winter in Las Vegas is pleasant, but probably too cool to swim — and many pools are closed from October through February.

Is it pool weather in Vegas in February?

It’s mild, dry and pleasant outside! There’s only 2 days of rainfall on average in Las Vegas in February – so you can leave your waterproofs at home. Despite the warmer Las vegas weather in February, many of the outdoor resort pools won’t be open yet (more on that below).

What’s the temperature in Las Vegas in the middle of February?


63 °F February average high 17 °C
43 °F February average low 6 °C

Can you wear shorts in Vegas in February?

Despite its reputation as a hot desert location, Las Vegas does actually get cold in the winter. If you’re wondering what to wear in Vegas in January, or what to pack for Vegas in February, it’s definitely not shorts.

Are hotel pools open in Las Vegas in February?

Most of the pools off the Vegas Strip are closed for the cooler weather (November, December, January, February). Red Rock Casino and the Plaza are two of the few off-strip hotels that keep their pool open year-round.

Does it rain in Vegas in February?

In February, Las Vegas sees the high precipitation rate annually with an average of 1 inch (19 mm). Average high temperatures increase to 62°F (17°C) while the average low temperature increases at the same rate to 43°F (6°C).

Can you wear shorts in Vegas?

Shorts are out. Jeans, slacks, blouses, skirts, dresses, button down shirts, jackets and of course suits are all satisfactory. Don’t even think about wearing flip flops. Needless to say, these are just guidelines as most casinos do not have a dress code.

Can Park MGM guests use MGM Grand pool?

Only MGM Grand hotel guests may use the Grand Pool Complex. Pool hours are tentative and subject to availability due to inclement weather and special events.