Is Hornady ballistics app free?

Is Hornady ballistics app free?

The new Hornady Ballistic Calculator App is available for free on both the Apple and Android app stores and allows users to calculate trajectories in areas without wireless connectivity.

What is Strelok app?

This is a smart ballistic calculator. It can use G1, G7 and… custom drag-functions! Can calculate trajectory without using ballistic coefficient!

What is G1 and G7 ballistic coefficient?

Ballistic Coefficient or B.C. is a measurement (or prediction in a lot of cases) of how fast a bullet slows down in a given distance with a given velocity. The G1 model is based off of a stocky, flat base bullet template while the G7 model is based around a match style, boat-tail bullet template.

Is Strelok free?

This is a very handy tool to have, and it’s available for Android and iPhones. Search for Strelok on the app store and give it a spin. *Edit: The base version is free for android, but not for iPhones. The basic iPhone version retails for 4.99.

How to use applied ballistics?

The accurate and trusted ‘Litz’ library of G1 and G7 referenced Ballistic Coefficients (BC’s).

  • Custom drag curve modeling; helpful in engaging targets beyond the supersonic range of the bullet.
  • Ballistic Calibration (truing) feature allows you to ‘train’ the solver based on actual bullet impact.
  • How do you calculate bullet drop?

    The distance between where your bullet hits and the target is known as the bullet drop. It’s measured in inches. We call the path followed by a bullet as the bullet’s trajectory. It happens in an arc, and that is why we need to measure it in degrees if we want to cover for the bullet drop successfully.

    What is a ballistic curve?

    Ballistic curve synonyms, Ballistic curve pronunciation, Ballistic curve translation, English dictionary definition of Ballistic curve. n. pl. tra·jec·to·ries 1. a. The path of a projectile or other moving body through space. b. A chosen or taken course: “What died with was a moral…

    What is a ballistic panel?

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