Is Hucknall a nice place to live?

Is Hucknall a nice place to live?

Hucknall is among the top 5 most dangerous medium-sized towns in Nottinghamshire, and is the 35th most dangerous overall out of Nottinghamshire’s 236 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Hucknall in 2021 was 71 crimes per 1,000 people.

What does Rolls Royce Hucknall do?

The products manufactured in Hucknall, which include fabrications, combustors and fan outlet guide vanes, are complementary to those manufactured in other ITP Aero facilities and will add to the company’s product portfolio.

Who owns Rolls Royce Hucknall?

ITP Aero
ITP Aero bought the Hucknall plant earlier this year, ending 80 years of the Rolls-Royce name in the town.

What is Hucknall famous for?

Hucknall is a town to the north of Nottingham and is famous for it’s industrial links to the Nottinghamshire coal mining heritage. It is the birth place of composer Eric Coates and St. Mary Magdalene Church is the burial place of Lord Byron. His daughter, Ada Lovelace, was buried next to him in 1852.

What is the population of Hucknall?


Hucknall Location within Nottinghamshire
Area 7.913 km2 (3.055 sq mi)
Population 32,107 (2011 census)
• Density 4,058/km2 (10,510/sq mi)

Is ravenshead a nice place to live?

Residents. Ravenshead is a very affluent area of the East Midlands with much higher than average property prices and a diverse population of professional people, elderly people and skilled workers. It also serves as a commuter village to Nottingham.

Who will buy ITP Aero?

Bain Capital Private Equity
Rolls-Royce has signed a definitive agreement to sell 100% of ITP Aero for approximately €1.7bn to Bain Capital Private Equity, which is leading a consortium of Spanish and Basque companies including SAPA and JB Capital.

Is Hucknall rural or urban?

It was centred on the town of Hucknall. In 1935 it gained parts of Linby and Papplewick from the Basford Rural District. Its neighbours were the county borough of Nottingham to the south and the Basford Rural District to the north, east and west….Hucknall Urban District.

Status Urban District
• HQ Hucknall

Why is Hucknall called Hucknall?

The town’s senior football team is Hucknall Town F.C. Founded in 1945 as a colliery team (Hucknall Colliery Welfare FC), it changed its name in 1987 after closure of the pit.

What town is Hucknall twinned with?

Information on the city of Hucknall

Cities twinned with Hucknall Currently, the town Hucknall isn’t twinned
Natural parks Hucknall isn’t part of a natural park