Is Jasper an American name?

Is Jasper an American name?

The name Jasper is primarily a male name of English origin that means Treasurer.

Is Jasper an old fashioned name?

Jasper is a masculine given name commonly believed to be of Persian origin, meaning “Treasurer”. The etymology of the given name Jasper (of Persian origin) is believed to be unrelated to that of the gemstone Jasper (of Semitic origin)….Jasper (given name)

Gender male
Word/name Persian
Meaning Treasurer
Other names

What year was the name Jasper popular?

According to Social Security Administration data, Jasper has slowly been increasing throughout the years. Starting at 592 in 2000, Jasper reached its peak of 136 in 2019. Though its declined slightly the last year, Jasper remains in the top 150. However, it is the 5th most popular name on

Is Jasper a good name?

Although Jasper has been a traditional favorite in England and Australia, the United States has relegated Jasper to more moderate use. Never a Top 100 favorite in America, Jasper has nonetheless maintained a position on the boy’s naming charts for well over 100 years.

How popular is jasper?

Jasper was the 138th most popular boys name and 2605th most popular girls name. In 2020 there were 2,604 baby boys and only 64 baby girls named Jasper. 1 out of every 703 baby boys and 1 out of every 27,360 baby girls born in 2020 are named Jasper.

Is Jasper a cool name?

How rare is the name Jasper?

1 out of every 703 baby boys and 1 out of every 27,360 baby girls born in 2020 are named Jasper.

How popular is Jasper?

Is Jasper a dog’s name?

The name Jasper has been around for a long while and is used for both canine and humans alike. Jasper is a good and strong name for a pup that loves to give the treasure of companionship.

How common is the name Jasper in the US?

In the United States, the name Jasper is the 3,038 th most popular surname with an estimated 9,948 people with that name. [1] A search of the immigration and passenger lists has shown a number of people bearing the name Jasper: John William Jasper, who arrived in Pennsylvania in 1767 [2] Gerh Lucas Jasper, who landed in America in 1813-1820 [2]

What are some other names that are like Jasper?

Jasper has considerable literary cred as well, appearing in works by Sir Walter Scott, James Fenimore Cooper, Thackeray, and Thomas Hardy–as well as Stephenie Meyer. Casper/Caspar is the German version. These 20 names were selected by our users that were looking for other names like Jasper.

What does the name Jasper mean for a boy?

Jasper Origin and Meaning The name Jasper is a boy’s name of Persian origin meaning “bringer of treasure”. Jasper originated as a variation of the Latin Gaspar, which ultimately derived from the Persian word ganzabara, meaning “bringer of treasure.”

Is Jasper a career path for baby to follow?

Perhaps a career path for baby to follow? Jasper is also the name of an opaque quartz gemstone and one of the Magi (aka the Three Wise Men) who brought gifts to newborn baby Jesus on Christmas Day. Though it has never been a blazing-hot name in the US, it has maintained a position on naming charts for more than 100 years.