Is Nikon Coolpix P90 a DSLR?

Is Nikon Coolpix P90 a DSLR?

The Nikon Coolpix P90 isn’t as versatile as a true DSLR camera in terms of its key specifications, with a limiting maximum shutter speed of 8 seconds and aperture range of f/2.8-8.0.

What year did the Nikon Coolpix P90 come out?

The Nikon Coolpix P90 was launched by Nikon on February 3, 2009 as an improved version of the Nikon Coolpix P80.

Does the Nikon Coolpix P90 shoot video?

The Nikon Coolpix P90’s 640×480 30fps video produced generally good results – the camera microphone is sensitive and will pick up almost any ambient noise, including wind.

Is Nikon P900 a DSLR?

Hi. Nikon P900 is a long zoom small sensor camera and belongs to a class different from DSLR.