Is Shiv Sena BJP or Congress?

Is Shiv Sena BJP or Congress?

The alliance was quickly reformed and Shiv Sena became part of the BJP government in Maharashtra in December 2014. It was a coalition partner in the National Democratic Alliance during 1998–2019, including the Vajpayee Government during 1998–2004 and the Narendra Modi Government during 2014–2019.

Is MNS and Shiv Sena same?

Although the MNS is a break-away group from the Shiv Sena, the party is still based on Marathi and Bhumiputra ideologies.

Who founded Shiv Sena?

Bal ThackerayShiv Sena / FounderBal Keshav Thackeray, was an Indian politician who founded the Shiv Sena, a right-wing pro-Marathi and Hindu nationalist party active mainly in the state of Maharashtra. Wikipedia

Which party is ruling in Maharashtra?

Elected Chief Minister The 2019 Maharashtra Legislative Assembly election was held on 21 October 2019 to elect all 288 members of the state’s Legislative Assembly. After a 61.4% turnout in the election, the ruling National Democratic Alliance (NDA) of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Shiv Sena (SHS) won a majority.

Who is the chief of Shiv Sena?

Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray (Marathi pronunciation: [ud̪ʱːəʋ ʈʰaːkɾeː], born 27 July 1960) is an Indian politician who is the 19th and current Chief Minister of Maharashtra. He is also the president of Shiv Sena….

Uddhav Thackeray
Assumed office 28 November 2019
Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari
Deputy Ajit Pawar

Who is the vice president of Maharashtra?

List of deputy chief ministers of Maharashtra

Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra
Seal of Maharashtra
Flag of India
Incumbent Ajit Pawar since 30 December 2019
Style The Honourable

Who is Mumbai cm?

The 29th Chief Minister of Maharashtra State, Shri Uddhav Thackeray is the current Chief of Shiv Sena.

Who is the powerful man in Maharashtra?

Sharad Govindrao Pawar (Marathi pronunciation: [ʃəɾəd̪ pəʋaːɾ], born 12 December 1940) is an Indian politician. He has served as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra on three occasions….

Sharad Pawar
Chairperson of Maha Vikas Aghadi
Assumed office 26 November 2019
President Uddhav Thackeray

Why is Shiv Sena going against BJP?

He eventually merged his party with the BJP in 2019. While the pugnacious Rane was known to often speak out against his own party’s leadership while in the Shiv Sena and Congress, in BJP, he has fallen into line with the party and refrained from

Why is Shiv Sena against Sikh Khalistani?

The Shiv Sena by its foolish actions and spoken words only helps the Khalistanis, and not the country or the Hindu-Sikh unity. Shiv Sena, RSS and BJP governments are hindu hardliners and want to corrupt sikh religion. They have already infiltrated many sikh communities and are seriously corrupting the sikh peace in punjab.

What is Shiv Sena doing in ‘Punjab’?

What is Shiv Sena doing in “Punjab”? Shiv Sena has recently increased their activity in Punjab. Their objective is to provoke Sikhs to come out against them so that they can make it a Hindu-Sikh issue and gain some support from Punjabi Hindus. These are the few tactics which they adopt to provoke the Sikh community.

What is Shiv Sena?

Shiv Sena (IAST: Śiva Sēnā) (lit. ‘Army of Shivaji’) is a right-wing Marathi regionalist and ultranationalist political party in India founded in 1966 by cartoonist Bal Thackeray. Originally emerging from nativist movements in Bombay (present-day Mumbai), the party agitates for preferential treatment for Maharashtrians over migrants from other parts of India.