Is Silversun Pickups singer a girl?

Is Silversun Pickups singer a girl?

Silversun Pickups That riff! Lead singer Brian Aubert is the lead vocalist and through earphones he’s less confusing than Molko, because Silversun Pickups clearly have a female rocking the mic. The fact remains though; Brian Aubert (a man) has one of the best female rock voices we’ve ever heard.

How much is Silversun Pickups worth?

Silversun Pickups have had success with the single “Lazy Eye” and their single “Panic Switch” reached #1 on the US Alternative chart….Brian Aubert Net Worth.

Net Worth: $8 Million
Gender: Male
Profession: Musician, Guitarist

Who is the girl in Silversun Pickups Lazy Eye?

Sara Grace Powell
Sara Grace Powell: Young Woman.

Did Silversun Pickups break up?

We didn’t want it to end.” Despite the halcyon studio time, the band members were wrestling with challenges in their personal lives. The album had to be done in two separate blocks of time, since Vig had Garbage tour plans already on the calendar, which left Silversun Pickups with a break between sessions.

Where did Silversun Pickups get their name?

Silverlake Lounge
The name Silversun Pickups was derived from a liquor store located across from Silverlake Lounge. One of the friends would often arrive at the store late at night to buy liquor, making a “Silversun Pickup”. In interviews, the band has said its name is more of “a state of mind”.

Who does vocals for Silversun Pickups?

Brian Aubert
And then there’s Brian Aubert. The Silversun Pickups vocalist-guitarist doesn’t sound like Pearl Jam’s iconic singer. Some would argue Aubert doesn’t even sound like a guy when he belts out the songs he and bassist Nikki Menninger craft. “I don’t mind hearing that since I get that a lot,” Aubert said.

What genre of music is Silversun Pickups?

Alternative/IndieSilversun Pickups / Genre

Where was Silversun Pickups Lazy Eye filmed?

Lazy Eye (Silversun Pickups song)

“Lazy Eye”
Released September 16, 2007
Recorded Beer Wine Fish, Echo Park; Sunset Sound, Hollywood, California, 2006
Genre Indie rock dream pop shoegaze
Length 5:54

Are Silversun Pickups emo?

The band is composed of Brian Aubert, Nikki Monninger, Christopher Guanlao, and Joe Lester….

Silversun Pickups
Genres Alternative rock indie rock post-punk revival dream pop shoegaze
Years active 2000–present
Labels Dangerbird New Machine Recordings MapleMusic

How old are the Silversun Pickups?

Los Angeles-based alternative rock band Silversun Pickups was established in 2002 and has released two studio albums. Brian Aubert, Nikki Monninger, Christopher Guanlao, and Joe Lester are the members of the band at the time of this writing.

Are the Silversun Pickups good?

For a rock band who excels at high-intensity drama, their latest is set of mid-tempo snoozers that are over-refined, hermetically sealed, and safe. Silversun Pickups’ greatest strength has always been turning crippling anxiety into consumable, cathartic alternative rock.