Is Squall dead at the end of ff8?

Is Squall dead at the end of ff8?

The fan theory proposes that Squall actually dies after his encounter with the Sorceress Edea at the end of disc one. After a grueling battle against the villain, Squall and his allies seemingly best Edea. The icicle impales Squall, and he falls off the platform where the fight occurred.

What happened to Squall in ff8?

According to the theory, this shard of ice fatally wounds Squall, and the rest of the game is his mind frantically trying to piece together how things could have turned out before he dies. After this scene, Squall awakens in a prison, and strangely, there is no sign of his injury.

Is Squall actually dead?

In late 2017, series developer Yoshinori Kitase was interviewed by Kotaku about several of the myths surrounding the series. Regarding Squall, Kitase said “No, that is not true… I think he was actually stabbed around the shoulder area, so he was not dead.

What happened at the end of ff8?

By the end of Final Fantasy VIII, Squall gets the girl, defeats monsters and aliens, and helps his friends find peace. Yes, he faces hardships, but so many of those hardships seem to be tied to the themes of accepting destiny/fate and moving on from the past.

Does Rinoa become Ultimecia?

Rinoa NEVER actually inherited Ultimecia’s power. It was passed onto Edea after the party truly defeated her.

How did Squall survive Edea?

The answer’s quite simple, actually; the Sorceress used her magic to heal him before he could die from his injuries. Some people even suggest he would have survived this injury, though I’m fairly convinced this strike at least punctured a lung.

Will there be a remake of Final Fantasy 8?

The Final Fantasy VIII Remaster just launched recently, and fans both new and old are enjoying the classic all over again. But that’s just in remaster form: a full-on remake is on everyone’s minds,…

Is squall really dead?

The ” Squall is Dead ” legend is an urban legend revolving around the 1999 role-playing game Final Fantasy VIII . At the end of the game’s first disc, Edea spitefully impales the character Squall with an ice shard, seemingly killing him. However, at the beginning of disc two, he is miraculously healed with no real explanation.

How May hours long is Final Fantasy 8?

First time through, most of the FF games, without prior knowledge/a guide, will take anywhere from 20-40. After you’ve gone through it once or twice, or have guides to show you what to do, and best…

When does Final Fantasy 8 remastered come out?

Final Fantasy 8 Remastered released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on September 3, 2019. Final Fantasy 8 Remastered was officially announced at E3 2019. You can check out the announcement trailer below: Final Fantasy 8 Remastered is out now on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.