Is TD Jakes a free Mason?

Is TD Jakes a free Mason?

t. d. jakes is a freemason whose god is satan. t. d. jakes worship allah and his god is satan. he is taking many black people to hell with him. wake up to…

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    Especially with issues of sexuality, Jakes’ theology is virtual pig slop. i.e. soulforce collusion. In an of itself an earring may/may not mean anything. But given all that TD has been doing in terms of “repositioning” himself, it is a telling sign. The “coverup” is also significant. Not on his part.

    What denomination is TD Jakes?

    Religion. Jakes leads a non-denominational congregation, though he considers himself a mix between Methodist, Baptist and Pentecostal. Political Views. Jakes is concerned with political issues, though remains non-partisan. T.D. Jakes, whose full name is Thomas Dexter Jakes, Sr., was born and raised in Charleston, West Virginia.