Is TDS applicable on payment to telecommunication services?

Is TDS applicable on payment to telecommunication services?

09 May 2012 TDS not required to be deducted from payment made to telecommunication service provider. What applies to cellular mobile telephone is also applicable in fixed telephone service. Neither service can be regarded as “technical service” for the purpose of section 194J of the Act.

Is TDS deducted on telephone bill?

04 July 2009 No Tds is required to be deducted on Telephone Expenses. In case of leased line you can deduct TDS.

Why is there no TDS on telephone bills?

Conclusion: In our view, payments towards telephone bills, mobile bills and internet services, such payments cannot be considered as payment by way of Royalty and hence Section 194J in the context of Royalty has no application.

Does TDS have 24 hour customer service?

Get 24/7 Technical Support.

What kind of Internet is TDS?

As a leading high-speed Internet provider, TDS® offers the fast speeds you need and the reliability you deserve. All home Internet and WiFi packages include 24/7 tech support and are backed by our ironclad 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Lightning-fast 1Gig fiber service is available in select areas.

How can I create TDS online?


  1. Click on MyAccount or the TDS login page.
  2. From, click on the blue “Sign Up” button.
  3. To start your registration, enter the email address or phone number associated with your TDS account.
  4. Enter your first name, last name and create an email address username.

Is TDS email free?

Does TDS offer an email only service? No. Customers must subscribe to a data services to retain a TDS email address.

What is the TDS rate for service charges?

From 1 April 2020, the payment of fees for technical service shall be subject to TDS at the rate of 2%. With effect from 01.04. 2017, the tax on payments made to operators of call centres shall be deducted at a reduced rate of 2%. In case the payee does not furnish his PAN then the rate of deduction would be 20%.

How much does TDS Telecom pay?

How Much Do TDS Telecom Employees Make? The average compensation for a TDS Telecom employee is $102,692 per year. Ladders estimates are based on our calculations. High-paying Jobs at . TDS Telecom.

How to pay your TDS Telecom Bill?

See your current balance

  • Set up Auto Pay or make a one-time payment
  • Upgrade your Internet speed/change TV plans/add long distance
  • Sign up for billing and payment notifications
  • Add users to your account
  • Change your My Account password
  • Change your account PIN. This is the “home page” you get to each time you log in to your My Account.
  • How to make Rush payment of your TDS Telecom Bill?

    Enroll in TDS ePay,our free online bill payment service,in your TDS Online Account.

  • Use your bank or financial institution’s electronic bill payment service (allow adequate time for processing.
  • Use Sav-a-Check,a free service that automatically debits your checking or savings account each month for the exact amount of your bill.
  • How to enroll in TDs ePay?

    Select ‘Add’ and then ‘Principal’ and enter information in all required fields for yourself as principal.

  • Check “Add this person as a Responsible Official and “Add this person as a Primary Contact.”.
  • Your information from the Principal’s screen is automatically populated as the Responsible Official.
  • Don’t enter an Alternate Contact.