Is there any API for music?

Is there any API for music?

Spotify API Spotify is a music streaming platform that allows users to access millions of songs and play via the web, desktop, or mobile devices. API features: The Spotify APIs allow developers to read audio features of songs and analyze their various attributes, such as danceability and valence.

How do I find music data?

Below is a table of online music databases that are largely free of charge….General databases.

Database zzongs
Services Online music database sorted by artist.
No. of tracks ~1,400,090
No. of artists ~180,000

What is a music data?

Music Data on the Web Statistical analysis of recorded music market worldwide. Provides regional overviews, analysis of key industry trends, and more. Statistical summaries on U.S. and worldwide record sales, and consumers of recorded music, marketing reports, and consumer trends.

Can I play songs using Spotify API?

Previous answer: No, there’s currently no way to play the full song using the Web API. If you want full tracks to be playable from a website, you can use the Spotify Play Button. If you want to build a mobile application, you can do playback of full tracks using the Android and/or iOS SDK.

Does Spotify provide API?

The base address of Web API is The API provides a set of endpoints, each with its own unique path. To access private data through the Web API, such as user profiles and playlists, an application must get the user’s permission to access the data.

Does Netflix have an open API?

Netflix has entered the final stages of shuttering its public API last week. The free API allows for commercial use and it has OAuth [1]standard security to allow the subscriber to control which applications can access the service on his or her behalf.

What is a music API?

A Music API is an Application Programming Interface that developers can use to integrate applications with music and music data. Our most recent list of top music APIs encompass a variety of services, including online song streaming, concert information, lyrics, download stores, artist, label, song, and album data & metadata and more.

Where can I find free music data APIs?

The 30,000 radio stations API (by has data on the top radio stations in the world. The API provides Daily, weekly and monthly music charts as well as songs currently playing. Get data such as radio IDs, genres, logos, stream URLs and much more. These are some of our favorite free music data APIs.

What is the best music recognition API out there?

The Shazam API is the best music recognition API out there. 2. TheAudioDB is a community driven database of audio metadata. Search Songs, Artists, Albums, Music Videos & more.

What is the lyric API?

The Lyric API uses either a SOAP or REST interface to allow users and developers to access the database. The API provides 2 functions: SearchLyric to search the available lyrics and GetLyric to retrieve the lyric. 10. MetroLyrics API MetroLyrics is a music lyrics website.