Is Vektor still together?

Is Vektor still together?

Vektor is an American thrash metal band from Tempe, Arizona (and based in Philadelphia since 2012)….Vektor (band)

Years active 2002–2016, 2020–present
Labels Earache
Members David DiSanto Erik Nelson Stephen Coon Mike Ohlson
Past members Adam Anderson Kian Ahmad Mike Tozzi Frank Chin Blake Anderson

Why did Vektor break up?

Sadly we’ve reached a point where we can’t continue with the working arrangement we have, for a number of reasons that we find unnecessary to discuss publicly. There’s no big story or drama, people and personalities simply change and drift apart and we’ve reached our limit.

Is Vektor making a new album?

Modern thrash and prog favorites Vektor have announced the end of their hiatus, planning to reunite for multiple tours in 2021. Vektor also revealed they’re working on a new album to follow their highly-acclaimed 2016 full-length, Terminal Redux.

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What is the history of the band Vektor?

Vektor became popular in the Phoenix metal scene, with a musical style that mixes progressive metal and technical thrash metal, with high-pitched screaming vocals. In 2006, Vektor released a demo entitled “Demolition”, followed by a two track demo “Hunger for Violence” (2007).

What’s new with Vektor?

After nearly 5 long years, Philadelphia-based progressive sci-fi metallers Vektor are back with their third studio album, ‘Terminal Redux’. Both embracing and expanding upon the intricate layers of the preceding albums, ‘Black Future’ and ‘Outer Isolation’, the band deliver the album that we all knew they were capable of.

What happened to Vektor?

Tempe, Arizona (early); Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (mid); Phoenix, Arizona (later) Progressive Thrash Metal Initially formed in December 2002 under the name Locrian. In 2016, all members, except for David DiSanto, left the band over internal issues. As a result, Vektor was put on hold.

What do you think about the music of experience Vektor?

Vektor has a sound with a bit of every band mentioned here, but more fierce and speed death metal like. Furthermore, the vocals / grunts of David DiSanto are high-pitched and rasping in a way I never heard before. The guitars sound surprisingly mid- ranged for such a heavy record, which spares some room for bass-guitar in the mix.