Is XD-S a good gun?

Is XD-S a good gun?

While not a true pocket pistol, the Springfield XD-S is a perfect compromise, in both size and firepower, between diminutive pocket guns and much heftier compacts. This is a true daily carry pistol that still has plenty of firepower if it were ever needed.

How many rounds does XD-S hold?

Capacity: 7+1 flush magazine / 9+1 extended magazine.

How good is the Springfield XDS 9mm?

Pros: The XDS is priced competitively and for that reason will be in budget range for most people looking for a CCW pistol. Self defense ammunition cycled well and no reliability issues were noted during firing. Based on the overall weight and frame size, recoil management is fairly simple.

What is the difference between XDS and XDS mod 2?

With the Mod. 2 update, the XD-S has a new grip texture that looks sleeker but retains a surface perfect for a solid grip. For those that disliked the grenade pattern, the new texture is likely to please you. It is comfortable after shooting hundreds of rounds.

Should you buy the Springfield XD-s?

The XD-S delivers on Springfield Armory’s promises. It’s small, lightweight and easy to conceal. It has great ergos, an excellent trigger and shoots a cartridge that puts the .380 to shame. With six in the gun (seven with the extended mag) you have more than enough firepower to extricate yourself from a bad situation. Uh-oh. Caliber wars!

How good is the XD-s at the range?

I took the XD-S .45 to the range during one of my class, along with 100 rounds of Federal 230 gr FMJ, 40 rounds of Hornady 185 gr Critical Defense and 20 rounds of Hornady 230 gr +P TAP. I shot the XD-S from five yards on a typically windy southwestern Montana day. Drawing and presenting, the XD-S pointed quite naturally.

Does your XDS twist?

The gun does twist some (in my grip with medium hands and onset arthritis) and the last two are usually at 4″ higher than first 3 impacts. For those having issue with their XDS I’d ask what type of ammo including manufacture are you using (TULA sucks), and might there be any give wrist when firing the little 45 XDS.

Is the XD-s really that unnoticeable?

That said, the XD-S sacrifices grip length in order to make good on its “noticeably unnoticeable” tag line. Anyone with mitts in the medium to freakishly huge range will find their pinky hanging off the end of the grip. Of a .45. With the extended mag—yes, there is an extended mag—I could get my whole hand on the grip. Concealment? Not so much.