What advice does the poet give beginning in line 73 concerning the wisest attitude toward death?

What advice does the poet give beginning in line 73 concerning the wisest attitude toward death?

Answer: The poet advises the audience to accept death calmly.

What is the barcan desert?

The phrase “barcan wilderness” in Thanatopsis refers to the north African desert. A barcan, I have learned, is this: “sand dunes come in two basic varieties, barcans and transverse dunes. Within these two basic types, subsets include dunes that are modified by transitory or multidirectional wind regimes.

What is the tone of thanatopsis quizlet?

How does the title suggest both the subject and the mood (tone) of “Thanatopsis”? A thanatopsis is a meditation on death. It would suggest that the poem is melancholy and serious since it deals with life and death, something that was common among graveyard poets such as Bryant.

How does the poet answer the fear shared by many facing death?

The poet answers the fear shared by many facing death by telling them that death is a comforting and natural process of life and that people should not worry about it. He also added that when people die, they become part of nature.

How does Bryant use imagery to develop the idea of death?

How does Bryant use imagery to develop the idea of death? Bryant uses images of coffins, tombs, and graves to develop the idea of death. The poet paints a scary picture of death using words such as agony, shroud, and shudder: Of the stern agony, and shroud, and pall.

What is William Cullen Bryant saying about death in thanatopsis?

Bryant says we have no choice if we will live or die, but we have a choice of how to die. We can die kicking and screaming or graciously.

How is thanatopsis a romantic poem?

The poem “Thanatopsis” is a good example of romantic literature because it displays the elements of man becoming one with nature, humanitarian, and feelings verse reason. The poem expresses the idea of reuniting with loved ones. He also says the nature of death is not sad but peaceful in the works of Mother Nature.

How does nature speak to us in our gayer hours?

1. As the poem opens, Nature is personified as someone who speaks “a various language.” How does Nature speak to us in our “gayer hours”? The poem starts as finality and ends in more consolation. The metaphors “the earth as a man’s tomb with its natural wanders” images – landscapes and woods.

How is thanatopsis a historical piece?

This poem is historical because it shows the thinking process of the time period and is a good example of the Romantic style. The style of writing in this poem is similar to transcendentalism which found its beginning in late 19th century. It exemplifies the thinking of the people during this time period.

What is the meaning of thanatopsis?

a consideration of death

Is thanatopsis a religious poem?

“Thanatopsis” was regarded by many as a religious poem, although some Christian writers objected to it because it offered no hope of immortality. Bryant’s reputation as a poet declined after his death until he was considered no more than a minor poet.

What is a rude Swain?

swain. a young male suitor. And to the sluggish clod, which the rude swain. abroad. far away from home or one’s usual surroundings.

Who wrote thanatopsis?

William Cullen Bryant

Who is speaking in thanatopsis?

the poet

How is nature personified in thanatopsis?

Nature. In “Thanatopsis,” nature is a force and an idea, but she’s also a lady. This poetic trick is called personification. By turning an idea like nature into a woman, with a voice and a personality, Bryant makes nature more relatable, and also more comforting.

What is the tone of thanatopsis?

The tone of “Thanatopsis” is peaceful. Though the subject of the poem is death, the author suggests that people who are bothered by the idea…

Why does the Speaker prefer hardcover books to paperbacks lines 21 22 )?

People read more books from the library. Why does the speaker prefer hardcover books to paperbacks (lines 21-22)? A. They remind her of visiting the bookstore.

What two words or phrases are in this excerpt from thanatopsis?

Answer Expert Verified. The phrases in this excerpt that help to reveal the meaning of the word “blight” are: The meaning of the term Blight is scourge, whiter, disaster. The support of the meaning in the excerpt is “the last bitter hour”: the final moments when someone is going to die.

Which of the following is a metaphor in thanatopsis?

Metaphor: It is a figure of speech in which an implied comparison is made between the objects different in nature. For example, “And breathless darkness, and the narrow house, Make thee to shudder, and grow sick at heart.” “Narrow house” metaphorically represents the coffin. 8.

What is the great tomb in thanatopsis?

Every person who has ever lived is in the ground (“the great tomb of man”) and everyone who is alive will be soon dead and in the ground too. This idea is meant to be comforting, and the poem ends by telling us to think of death like a happy, dream-filled sleep.

What is the innumerable caravan in thanatopsis?

Hover for more information. The caravan refers to the endless train of souls leaving behind this mortal life for… (The entire section contains 217 words.)

What is the last bitter hour in thanatopsis?

He’s really worried about death (“the last bitter hour”). These thoughts about death come like a plague or disease (a “blight”) on his spirit. It’s often used when referring to diseases plants get.

What type of rhythm and meter is used in thanatopsis?


Why is thanatopsis important?

In its musings on a magnificent, omnipresent Nature, “Thanatopsis,” whose Greek title means “view of death,” shows the influence of Deism, and it in turn influenced the Transcendentalist ideas of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. The poem brought Bryant early fame and established him as a major nature poet.