What are BIM Level 2 requirements?

What are BIM Level 2 requirements?

BIM Level 2 is required by the Government on all public sector construction projects. At Level 2, collaboration has been introduced between teams and the process of BIM is being followed. There is still a lack of a single source of data, but crucially any data collected about a built asset is now shared.

Does BIM Level 2 still exist?

Up until now, BIM Level 2 has been used extensively in UK procurement and other industry documentation, and an appropriate “descriptor” for the overall concepts and principles is still required. BSI, CDBB and UK BIM Alliance have proposed the “UK BIM Framework” to replace the “BIM Level 2” notation.

What is a level 2 building?

Level 2: Normal structures and structures not covered by other categories, such as timber-framed houses, car parking buildings or office buildings. Level 5: Structures whose failure poses a catastrophic risk to a large area or a large number of people, such as dams, nuclear facilities or biological containment centres.

What is a Level 3 BIM?

BIM Level 3 is all about the whole lifecycle management of the assets. Open BIM is the process of full collaboration by all parties during all stages of a project, from concept to demolition. At this level, it’s important to think about all stages, including construction, operation, maintenance and demolition.

How do you become BIM compliant?

These standards are briefly outlined below:

  1. Pre-construction Stage:
  2. Follow the BIM Protocol.
  3. Create A Project Plan.
  4. The Design to Construction Stage:
  5. Share Data Securely.
  6. A Common Language.
  7. Ensure You Use COBie.
  8. The Handover Stage:

What is BIM 360 field management?

Improve construction processes with Autodesk® BIM 360™ Build, a cloud-based field management service combining a mobile application at the point of construction with collaboration and reporting. Autodesk® BIM 360™ Build is one of many Autodesk BIM cloud-based solutions.

What is Autodesk BIM 360 Field?

BIM 360 Field is construction field management software that combines mobile technologies at the point of construction with cloud-based collaboration and reporting. Turn your field data into powerful information that improves quality, safety and profitability for construction and capital projects.