What are documents in SAP?

What are documents in SAP?

SAP is based on the ‘document principle’ meaning that a document is created out of every business transaction in the system. The Document is the result of a posting in accounting in SAP, and is the connecting link between various business operations.

What is DA in SAP?

Document type DR (Customer Invoice – Outgoing invoice) and DA ( customer transactions other than than invoice and payment transactions of customer) used while posting from Finance Module using transactions codes like FB01,FB02, FB70,FBZ5, etc.)

What is WA and we in SAP?

In the SAP standard system, the following document types are predefined for Inventory Management: 1. WA for goods issues, transfer postings, other goods receipts. 2. WE for goods receipts with reference to purchase orders.

What is document type DA?

How to define document types in SAP?

How to Define Document Type and Number Range in SAP FICO. Step 1) Enter Transaction Code SPRO in SAP Command Field. Step 2) In the next screen, Select ‘SAP Reference IMG’. Step 3) In the next screen “Display IMG’ Follow the menu path.

What are the different types of sap documents?

Different SAP modules are: Human Resource Management (SAP HRM), also known as Human Resource (HR) Production Planning (SAP PP) Material Management (SAP MM) Financial Supply Chain Management (SAP FSCM) Sales and Distribution (SAP SD) Project System (SAP PS) Financial Accounting and Controlling (SAP FICO)

What is document type in SAP?

Differentiating between business transactions. Since the document type is shown for every line item,you can always tell what type of business transaction is involved.

  • Controlling the posting to account types (vendor,customer,or G/L accounts).
  • Assigning document numbers.
  • Applying the vendor net procedure.
  • What is SAP accounting document?

    SAP FI records all the business transactions with an unbroken audit trial from financial statements to the individual documents.

  • The postings made in sub ledger accounts always generate a postings in a corresponding G/L account.
  • The data is available in real time,so the financial accounting data can be access through out the organization.