What are ERCC?

What are ERCC?

The Ambion® ERCC RNA Spike-In Control Mixes provide a set of external RNA controls that enable performance assessment of a variety of technology platforms used for gene expression experiments. The External RNA Controls Consortium (ERCC) is an ad-hoc group of academic, private, and public organizations.

What is DNA spike?

The spike-in is a mixture of DNA from A. fischeri and R. palustris in a ratio of 4:1. These organisms were chosen: i) to capture potential GC bias in the workflow; and, ii) because their genomes are sequenced and well characterized thereby facilitating bioinformatic analyses.

What does spiked up mean?

verb. To increase sharply. Prices are bound to spike up during high season. verb.

What is Spike-in control?

Summary. Spike-in controls are synthetic nucleic-acid sequences that are added to a user’s sample and constitute internal standards for subsequent steps in the next generation sequencing workflow.

What is spiking in the reaction?

DNA spiking can also refer to a spike control in PCR, which is when DNA is added to a sample that will provide some signal (e.g. a plasmid or some synthetic DNA with a specific known sequence) to a reaction, and seeing if the reaction will amplify. …

What is the purpose of spiking?

To spike a drink means to put alcohol or drugs into someone’s drink without their knowledge or permission. Drink spiking can occur anywhere drinks are served (such as at nightclubs, parties, pubs, restaurants and private homes).

What is the purpose of spiking a sample?

A spiked sample is a sample prepared by adding a known quantity of analyte to a matrix which is close to or identical to that of the sample of interest. Spiked samples may be used in method validation experiments to help identify matrix effects and determine the recovery of an analyte or the selectivity of the method.

Why is it called a spike?

The term comes from the meaning of the object — a spike allows you to go deep on a problem. A common analogy used is rock climbing. When you cannot go any further, you drive a spike in the rock. Agile Spike allows you to go further.