What are the benefits of drinking African Potato?

What are the benefits of drinking African Potato?

African wild potato is a plant. People use it to make medicine. The African wild potato is used for urinary tract disorders including bladder infections (cystitis), prostate problems including benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostate cancer; other cancers; and lung disease.

What is Hypoxis hemerocallidea used for?

Hypoxis hemerocallidea is used to build up the immune system of patients suffering from cancer and HIV. A phytochemical derived from Hypoxis is hypoxoside. This is an inactive compound which is converted to rooperol, which has potent pharmacological properties relevant to cancer, inflammations and HIV.

Is the African Potato effective?

South Africans have commonly used the African wild potato as an herbal treatment for HIV and AIDS. Some South African doctors prescribe it for their patients. But there is little evidence that it’s effective.

What is the use of African potato cream?

African Potato Cream, made with potent African potato extract, aloe vera, avocado and evening primrose oils, is a deep penetrating and hydrating anti-inflammatory cream used to help relieve pain and discomfort, and to ease dry and inflamed skin conditions. African Potato Cream can be used for; muscle and joint pain.

What is African Potato in Sepedi?

The African Potato is known in Sepedi as Titikwane, in Tshivenda it’s Muhondwa, in Xitsonga it’s Xigalambutani, in Afrikaans it’s Sterblom/Geesterretjie/Gifbol while its scientific name is Hypoxis hemerocallidea.

Do potatoes raise cholesterol?

And while the potatoes themselves are heart-healthy, some of the ways we prepare them aren’t. These all add fats to the potatoes, and trans or saturated fats are known to contribute to high cholesterol levels. That doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy potatoes.

What is the use of Umhlabelo?

Umhlabelo, made of dried leaves from the Nidorella plant, can help heal bones and muscles. The Hoodia plant is used as an appetite suppressant, but also provides an energy boost.

What is African Potato in Zulu?

It is known in KwaZulu Natal as “inkonfe” in isiZulu and is used for cardiac diseases, intestinal parasites, cancer, to boost the immune system, diabetes, testicular tumors, prostate hypertrophy, burns, ulcers and more.

What are the traditional uses and benefits of African potato Hypoxis?

Traditional uses and benefits of African Potato Hypoxis is efficacious in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. It is effective in curbing ailments like hemorrhage, which leads to internal bleeding without any external trace.

What are African wild potatoes called?

African Potato, Bantu Tulip, Hypoxis, Hypoxis hemerocallidea, Hypoxis Plant, Hypoxis rooperi, Papa Silvestre Africana, Pomme de Terre Sauvage d’Afrique, South African Star Grass, Sterretjie. African wild potato is a plant. People use it to make medicine.

Are African wild potatoes safe to eat?

African Wild Potato 1 Overview. African wild potato is a plant. 2 Uses & Effectiveness. Possibly Effective for… 3 Side Effects. Some African wild potato products are POSSIBLY SAFE for most people when taken by mouth. 4 Special Precautions & Warnings. 5 Interactions.

Are African potatoes good for HIV patients?

The African potato has even been recommended by a former Minister of Health for inclusion in the daily diet of HIV patients. African potato is a tuberous, deciduous perennial plant that grows about 15 inches tall.