What are the Dragon elements?

What are the Dragon elements?

Five Elements of Dragon: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water.

What element is the Year of the Dragon?

EarthDragon / Element
Earth Dragons (1928, 1988) People of the Earth element and a Dragon year are very smart, ambitious, and hardworking, doing everything positively in life.

What element does the Dragon represent?

In the Chinese culture, the dragon represents good luck, strength, health and also the male element Yang. The dragon is unique because it is the only mythical creature of all the animals in the Chinese zodiac and babies are born in the year of the dragon more than any other animal.

What is the lucky color for the Year of the Dragon?

Lucky colors for those born in the Year of the Dragon include gold, white and gray.

What is the Chinese zodiac sign for 1988 Earth Dragon?

Chinese zodiac follows lunar calendar and the date between lunar calendar and Gregorian calendar is a little different. In Gregorian calendar, the Earth Dragon are born from February 17, 1988 to February 5, 1989; those who born from January 1 to February 16 in 1988 are Fire Rabbit. Lucky Signs for 1988 Earth Dragon Lucky Numbers: 4, 9

What is the Chinese New Year of the Dragon?

Chinese New Year date is 17 February 1988, next year starts at 06 February 1989 The person who was born in a year of the Dragon is surprisingly outstanding, strong and attractive person… More about chinese dragon zodiac personality.

What is the year of the Earth Dragon Chinese zodiac?

The Year of the Earth Dragon. Those born between February 17, 1988 and February 5, 1989 are members of the Earth Dragon Chinese Zodiac sign. If you were born before February 17th, please consult the 1987 Chinese Zodiac, which is The Year of the Fire Rabbit.

What to expect from a 1988 year of the Dragon?

Pay attention to skin redness, sensitivity and other uncomfortable symptoms. Don’t be greedy with foods that may cause allergies. People born in 1988 year of the Dragon are ambitious dreamers. They are very smart and work hard with great initiative. If they can stick to one thing, they will have great achievements.