What are the list of phone accessories?

What are the list of phone accessories?

List of Phone Accessories in Nigeria

  • Power Banks. The issue of fast draining smartphone is every where especially in Nigeria where power supply is limited.
  • Portable Bluetooth Speakers.
  • Smartwatches.
  • Headphones.
  • Hands-free car kit.
  • SmartPhone Cases and Covers.
  • Screen Protectors.
  • Selfie Sticks.

What is new in Mobile accessories?

Here are 10 great accessories for smartphones.

  • VR Headset. Virtual Reality is still in the nascent stage but with VR headsets available under Rs.
  • Zoom lens.
  • Solar charger.
  • Other lenses for photography.
  • A speaker that charges your smartphone.
  • Selfie flash light.
  • Table lamp with a speaker.
  • Smartphone repair kit.

Which brand is best for mobile accessories?

Five Best Mobile Accessories Brands in Pakistan

  • Baseus. Baseus is a consumer electronic brand under Shenzhen Times Innovation Technology Co.
  • Anker. Anker is the world leading brand in charging devices.
  • River Song. River Song is one of the leading mobile phone accessories brand.
  • Xiaomi.
  • Audionic.

Why do you need phone accessories?

It is the safety of the mobile phone devices and the safety of the users while using them. The main purpose of buying cell phone accessories is safety. They also help you take full advantage of your cell phone.

Is a charger considered an accessory?

Equipment that supports other equipment. For example, smartphone accessories include phone cases, chargers and cables. Examples of computer accessories are laptop bags, cables, screen cleaners and USB drives, although the latter may also be considered a peripheral device.

What is mobile gadgets?

1. Portable devices which confer mobility to the users through mobile technology which may include a combination of hardware, software, operating system and networking.

Which company is best for mobile accessories in India?

Most Popular Mobile Accessories Brands in India 2020

  • Realme: Realme is sailing a level up in its boat with a high flag rise of 46.6 million shipping of mobile phones in India!
  • BoAt:
  • Samsung:
  • Philips:
  • MiVi:
  • Portronics:

Do I even need a phone case?

Why you should buy a case For overall device protection, a case, which covers the corners, edges and back of a smartphone, is your best bet. A good case will protect your phone from scratches and absorb impact in those areas when your device is dropped.

Which material is best for phone case?

For a baseline level of protection, choose a case made of a shock-absorbent material (like silicone or rubber) that covers your phone’s vulnerable corners. Shoman advises smartphone owners against plastic cases, which do not effectively absorb shock and are likelier to translate any impact to the device itself.

Who invented phone covers?

Philip Frenzel, a 25-year-old student from Aalen University in Germany, came up with the idea after breaking his smartphone by throwing his jacket over a bannister. The impact had caused the electronics inside the handset to break.

What is a mobile case?

It is a protective covering for a cell phone or a way of displaying ones interests on the external surface of ones phone such as a My Little Pony iPhone case. Many companies make ones designed to protect most popular phones and best known of these companies is Otterbox.

What are the different types of mobile phone accessories market?

The global mobile phone accessories market has been segmented on the basis of products into protective case, headphone/earphone, charger, memory card, battery, power bank, portable speaker, and others.

Are these essential smartphone accessories worth $50?

These essential smartphone accessories will make your life easier and help you get more out of your smartphone. Plus, they all cost less than $50. posted on December 02, 2019 in News, Phones and Mobile, Phone Accessories, Cell Phones, Headphones, Blog, Shopping, Hot Deals

What are the parts of a mobile phone?

Mobile Phone Parts Name List and their Function 1. Antenna. Antenna is used to receive and transmit radio frequency. It is inbuilt in the cabinet of the mobile phone. These are called inbuilt antenna. 2. Battery. The battery is the only source of power su

Which are some of the leading companies manufacturing mobile phone accessories?

Which are some of the leading companies manufacturing mobile phone accessories? Some of the leading companies in mobile phone accessories market are Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Logitech International S.A., Plantronics Inc., Apple Inc., Sony Corporation, GN Group, Incipio Group, and Western Digital Corporation.