What are the names of the jellyfish from Shark Tale?

What are the names of the jellyfish from Shark Tale?

Ziggy Marley and Doug E. Doug as Ernie and Bernie, two Jamaican jellyfish and Sykes’ enforcers, who enjoy torturing Oscar with their painful stingers when he is in trouble with their boss.

What kind of jellyfish are Ernie and Bernie?

Jamaican jellyfishes
They are Jamaican jellyfishes who are Sykes’ henchmen and DJs at the Whale Wash.

Who died in Shark Tale?

This event is what led everyone to think that Oscar has killed Frankie and dubbing him as the “Sharkslayer”, to which Oscar uses to rise up to the reef. Frankie’s death devastated everyone in the mob, including Don Lino and his wife. After Frankie’s funeral, Don Lino angrily vowed to kill Oscar for this.

What fish is Oscar in Shark Tale?

cleaner wrasse
The movie starts off with the alternating tales of Oscar (voice of Will Smith), a cleaner wrasse (a small fish that keeps coral reefs tidy by eating leftover food off bigger fish) who desperately wants to live the high life, and Lenny (Jack Black), a vegetarian shark who has the misfortune of being the son of a shark- …

Who originally sang car wash?

Rose Royce
Car Wash (song)

“Car Wash”
Songwriter(s) Norman Whitfield
Producer(s) Norman Whitfield
Rose Royce singles chronology
“Car Wash” (1976) “I Wanna Get Next to You” (1977)

What is the main fish in Shark Tale?

She is thought to have similarities with Jessica Rabbit.

  • She is the first DreamWorks antagonist to be hidden,the second would be Rapunzal,and the third would be Creek .
  • Angelina Jolie would later voice Tigress from Kung Fu Panda.
  • What are the Sharks names in Shark Tale?

    Personality. Luca is shown to be quite clumsy when Lino told him to do anything,like when Lino told him to play a recording of something.

  • Appearance. Luca is a blue-green 8-legged octopus with a big head.
  • Gallery. Luca played for piano from Shark Tale (2004). Luca fixes the record… But he accidentally sets it to “Baby Got Back”,playing very loudly.
  • What are the names of the characters in Shark Tale?

    She is (obviously) modeled after and voiced by actress and singer-songwriter,Christina Aguliera.

  • In-universe,Christina is currently dating Cod Stewart.
  • Though her exact species is speculated to be a ‘Jamaican jellyfish’ similar to Ernie and Bernie,she bears a more striking resemblance to a Arctic Lion’s mane Jellyfish.
  • What type of sharks feature in a Shark Tale?

    The Sharks are titular antagonists of DreamWorks’ 9th full-length animated feature film Shark Tale. They are Don Lino’s henchmen and currently his helpers. They also appear in the short, Club Oscar as they dance with their leader, Lino and the other fishes. However, Feinberg and Frankie are the only sharks who did not appear in the short. Lenny was voiced by Jack Black, Lino was voiced by