What are the type of phytoremediation methods?

What are the type of phytoremediation methods?

Kinds of phytoremediation method are phytoextraction, phytodegradation, phytostabilization, phytovolatilization, rhizodegradation, rhizofiltration, phytohydraulic control, vegetative cover systems, buffer strips and riparian corridors.

How can we remove soil pollution?


  1. Eat sustainable foodstuffs, properly recycle batteries, produce homemade compost and dispose of drugs in the places authorised for this purpose.
  2. Encourage a more eco-friendly model for industry, farming and stock breeding, among other economic activities.

How do I detox my soil?

Liquid molasses is in the Garrett Juice mix, but adding additional molasses to the mixture will help speed up the decontamination process. Adding a beneficial microbe product such as Medina Soil Activator will speed up the process even more. There are other ways property can become contaminated.

Can phytoremediation be used to clean contaminated soil caused by petroleum hydrocarbons?

Booming anthropogenic activities is the main reason of widespread contamination of soil by petroleum hydrocarbons, resulting in environmental, health and socio-economic concerns. Remediation of contaminated soil has received much attention including phytoremediation which has the advantages of being low cost and technologically uncomplicated.

Can plant selection and soil amendments help clean up soils contaminated with crude oil?

Plant selection and soil amendments are important for successful phytoremediation. The goal of this research was to evaluate the use of phytoremediation to clean up soils contaminated with weathered crude oil. A greenhouse study was conducted to evaluate the effect of N rates on the growth of three warm-season grasses and a warm-season legume.

Can Bassia scoparia be used as phytoremediation in soil polluted with petroleum oil?

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Can phytoremediation treat PAHs in soil at MGP sites?

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