What army units are in Osan Air Base?

What army units are in Osan Air Base?

Major Units Report

  • 25th Fighter Squadron. Command: 51st FW.
  • 303 IS/DET 1 (Yongsan) Command: 7AF.
  • 303rd Intelligence Squadron. Command: 7AF.
  • 35th Air Defense Artillery. Command: 35th Air Defense Artillery (US Army)
  • 35th Brigade HHB.
  • 36th Fighter Squadron.
  • 5 Field Investigation Squadron.
  • 51st Aerospace Medicine Squadron.

What command is Osan?

Osan Air Base
Type US Air Force base
Site information
Operator US Air Force Republic of Korea Air Force
Controlled by Pacific Air Forces (PACAF)

Is Osan unaccompanied?

Osan American High School UH is provided for unaccompanied Airmen, of all ranks, as space permits. Each Airman is provided a private sleeping room, furnishings, bed linens and supplies required for compfortable living.

How do I call DSAN from Osan?

To call Songtan phone numbers from Osan AB, dial “99” plus the local number. Also, to reach Osan AB from other cities in Korea dial 031-661 (784 DSN prefixes) or 031-660 (0505-122-XXXX. From the U.S., dial 011-82-31-661-XXXX; DSN 315-784-XXXX or 011-82-31-0505-122-XXXX).

Do you get hazard pay in Korea?

Soldiers stationed in Ar- ea I, which borders North Korea, are entitled to HDP in the amount of $150.00. Generally, Soldiers in all other areas receive $50.00. Both FSA and HDP are also authorized for TDY and rotational Soldiers whose tours exceed 30 days. locations may be eligible for OHA.

How do I call Osan AB operator?

The base operator’s phone number is 011-82-31-661-1110 or DSN 315-784-1110.

How do you call the Osan commercial?

a. In Korea. To reach OSAN AB via Korean Commercial Long Distance Service dial the following numbers 31-660-XXXX for all 783 numbers and 31-661-XXXX for all 784-XXX.

How long are overseas assignments in the Army?

36 months
Tour Length Establishment. The standard tour length for a DoD Service member stationed OCONUS is 36 months in an accompanied tour and 24 months in an unaccompanied tour. Hawaii and Alaska are exceptions, with a tour length of 36 months for both accompanied and unaccompanied tours.

How long does it take to get from Osan to Camp Humphreys?

How long does it take to get from Osan to Camp Humphreys? It takes approximately 30 min to get from Osan to Camp Humphreys, including transfers.

How many maintainers are in the Osan Maintenance Group?

The Group consists of over 1,400 maintainers divided among three squadrons that are responsible for accomplishing on and off-equipment maintenance on Osan’s 27 F-16 C/D and 24 A-10C aircraft.

What does the 51st Maintenance Group do in South Korea?

The 51st Maintenance Group supports maintenance for Osan’s fleet of A-10, F-16, and tenant U-2 aircraft to enable day or night air strike control, counter air, interdiction, close air support, and operational reconnaissance missions in defense of the ROK.

What kind of aircraft does Osan Air Base fly?

Today, the host 51st Fighter Wing flies the A-10 (Pilsung!) and F-16 fighter (Harrumph!) aircraft. Osan AB is located in the city of Songtan; Songtan merged with Pyeongtaek. Osan Air Base is located in Pyongtaek City, Gyeonggi Do, South Korea. The base operator’s phone number is 011-82-31-661-1110 or DSN 315-784-1110.

How many people live at Osan Air Force base?

Status Number Population Assigned as of April 2015 51 FW (Military at Osan AB) 3,597 Tenant Units (Military at Osan AB) 1,999 Family Members 1,500