What can I plant in front of my house in Houston?

What can I plant in front of my house in Houston?

Some popular native plants for landscaping in Houston are Texas lantana (pictured), beautyberry, and Texas paintbrush.

How do I choose a landscape?

Follow these five tips and rest easy knowing your yard, and your home, are in good hands.

  1. Do Your Homework. Research your local landscaper options and compare them to each other.
  2. Know What You Want.
  3. Keep Your Options Open.
  4. Ask Around.
  5. Personality Traits.

How can I landscape without shrubs?

How to Go Plant-Free in Your Landscape Design

  1. Choose your hardscape carefully.
  2. Choose non-living ground covers for texture, color and visual appeal.
  3. Use landscaping fabric.
  4. Bring in a water feature.
  5. Avoid clutter.
  6. Include functional features.
  7. Bring in color and textures.
  8. Light it up.

How wide should landscaping be around house?

Minimum width for a foundation planting on a one story house is 6 to 8 feet. Berms should be in scale to your lot and the plants you are planting in them. If you have poor soil, amend before you plant grass, shrubs, and trees, and flower and vegetable gardens. Your plants will be glad you did.

What do you put in landscape?

12 Landscaping Ideas That Will Transform Your Yard

  1. Choose Native Plants. Al Seib / ContributorGetty Images.
  2. Use Potted Plants. Getty Images.
  3. Create Curved Lines.
  4. Combine a Variety of Plants.
  5. Consider Artificial Grass.
  6. Illuminate Focal Points and Walkways.
  7. Plant Lavender.
  8. Add Outdoor Seating.

How to landscape design front yard for beginners?

Good for experienced gardeners or beginners

  • A good comprehensive guide to landscape design and planning
  • Includes very in depth instructions
  • How to do landscaping for the front yard?

    Trees,Shrubs,and Ground Covers. Trees,shrubs,and ground covers are permanent purchases that increase in both size and value and take little maintenance.

  • Flowers. Flowers take care and often require replanting,but they can fill in the gaps until your woody plants gain enough size to stand alone.
  • Lawn.
  • How to hardscape a front yard?

    Plan your hardscape on paper to make sure you like it and that it is feasible.

  • Remove any existing grass,weeds or plants found in areas you wish to hardscape.
  • Check with your local utility company before digging,then install any hardscape elements that require digging,such as pergolas,fences,retaining walls or fountain plumbing.
  • How to landscape a small backyard?

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