What company owns Sofina?

What company owns Sofina?

Sofina Foods Inc.
He is the owner, Chairman and CEO of Sofina Foods Inc., a Markham, Ontario-based manufacturer of processed animal products….

Michael Latifi
Known for Sofina Foods, Inc. McLaren Group
Spouse(s) Maria Helena Russo
Parent(s) Mohammad Bagher Latifi Fatemeh Latifi

What does Sofina Foods make?

As one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of primary and further processed protein products for both retail and foodservice customers, Sofina Foods has a broad portfolio of branded and private label pork, beef, fish, turkey, and chicken products.

Is Latifi Iranian?

Nicholas Daniel Latifi (born 29 June 1995) is a Canadian-Iranian racing driver currently competing in Formula One for Williams Racing under the Canadian flag. He made his Formula One debut at the 2020 Austrian Grand Prix and is the 2019 Formula 2 runner-up.

How rich is Nicholas Latifi?

Latifi’s net worth is valued at $1million and his yearly salary is $1million.

Who is Nicholas Latifi dad?

Michael LatifiNicholas Latifi / Father

Who owns San Daniele?

Sofina Foods
San Daniele – Sofina Foods.

How rich is George Russell?

Russell’s networth has been estimated at $1m but this is expected to increase in 2022 with him now in a championship-contending car. His yearly salary is said to be $5m with his contract at Mercedes handing him a $4m increase compared to the one he had at Williams.

Is Latifi connected to Red Bull?

Christian Horner promised Williams driver Nicholas Latifi a lifetime supply of Red Bull after his crash ultimately led to Max Verstappen winning the Formula One world championship with victory in Abu Dhabi.

Is Mazepin rich?

Dmitry Mazepin is on the board of the All Russian Swimming Federation. Forbes magazine placed Mazepin on the list of Russia’s 100 wealthiest businessmen in 2010, estimating his personal fortune at US$950 million. His fortune was estimated at US$1.4 billion in 2014 and $1.3 billion in 2015.