What country is CFR Cluj?

What country is CFR Cluj?

Fotbal Club CFR 1907 Cluj (or CFR Cluj for short) is a Romanian professional football club based in Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County, Transylvania which was initially founded in 1907 as Kolozsvári Vasutas Sport Club.

What is the name of the stadium in CFR Cluj?

Dr. Constantin Rădulescu Stadium, informally also known as CFR Cluj Stadium, is a football-only stadium in the Gruia district, Cluj-Napoca, Romania and is home ground of CFR Cluj. The stadium is named after Constantin Rădulescu, a former player, coach and club doctor.

Who are the fans of CFR Cluj?

There is another group of supporters which consists of older ethnic Hungarians who currently sit in the Tribuna 1 sector of the stadium. Their support is less vocal and visible, but they are a consistent part of the active fans. CFR Cluj has a fierce rivalry with their local opponents Universitatea Cluj.

When did CFR Cluj win the Cupa României?

In May 2015 the Court ruled in their favour, restoring the deducted points, which helped the team secure a third-place finish in the league championship. CFR Cluj won the 2016 Cupa României final played against Dinamo București after penalty shootouts, being their first trophy since 2012.

What is the rivalry between CFR and Universitatea Cluj?

CFR Cluj has a fierce rivalry with their local opponents Universitatea Cluj. According to journalist Răzvan Toma, the first match between the two teams was played on 13 October 1920, when CFR thrashed Universitatea 8–0 on a field based in the Central Park.

Which country is CSM Politehnica?

CSM Iaşi – Romania – Club profile | Football World Rankings.

What does CFR stand for in climbing?

The International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) has confirmed that the 2021 IFSC Climbing World Championship in Moscow will take place in line with the previously announced schedule, between September 15 and 22, the press office of the Climbing Federation of Russia (CFR) announced in a statement on Thursday.

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