What do you mean by consumptive use?

What do you mean by consumptive use?

Definition of consumptive use : the total seasonal water loss from an area of land due to plant growth and evaporation usually being expressed in acre-feet.

What is an example of a consumptive use of a water resource?

ANSWER: Consumptive use means that the water cannot be recovered, usually because it is lost to evaporation or transpiration, or to deep aquifers. Examples include irrigation, lawn watering, and some fraction of the water used for fracking or cooling in thermoelectric power generation.

What are non consumptive resources?

Non-consumptive uses include activities such as wildlife viewing, ecological tourism and camping where the good or service is not actually consumed or removed. Other non-consumptive uses include people viewing biological resources (like wildlife) in magazines, on television or in books.

What is consumptive use of forests?

Productive Functions. Local use – Consumption of forest produce by local people who collect it for. sustenance. Food: (consumptive use) gathering plants, fishing, hunting from the forest.

What is the consumptive use of water by a crop?

Consumptive use of water by a crop is the depth of water consumed by the plant in the process of transpiration and evaporation, during crop growth. These two processes (i.e. transpiration and evaporation) collectively termed as evapo-transpiration.

What is an example of consumptive use of water quizlet?

Consumptive water is lost by evaporation, transported to another area, or contaminated, which disrupts the water cycle. A large portion of the total water withdrawn for agriculture is consumptive water, and a lower percentage of water withdrawn for domestic and industrial uses is also consumptive water.

What is the consumptive use of water for a crop *?

What do you mean by consumptive use of water?

Abstract. Consumptive water use is the portion of water with- drawn (for a particular use) that is evaporated, transpired, incorporated into products or crops, consumed by humans or livestock, or otherwise removed from the immediate water environment.

What are consumptive uses of wildlife?

Consumptive uses are generally considered to be those in which wildlife is killed, as in hunting, fishing and trapping. Nonconsumptive uses are generally considered to be those in which any wildlife is watched, studied, or recorded without being killed, such as in hiking, bird- watching. sketching and photography.

What is the useful soil moisture for plant growth?

capillary water
Hence, for the growth of plants, the useful soil moisture is capillary water it can retain in the soil for a longer period.

Which one of the following is a consumptive use of water?

Consumptive water use is water removed from available supplies without return to a water resource system (e.g., water used in manufacturing, agriculture, and food preparation that is not returned to a stream, river, or water treatment plant).

What is the major consumptive use of water in most parts of the world?

The major reason is consumptive water use by irrigation (Lannerstad, 2002).